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BI Analyst vs Data Scientist a Comparative Study

B.I. ANALYST VS. DATA SCIENTIST- A COMPARATIVE INFOGRAPHIC Big Data is already the next big thing for industries and companies who want to mine commercially valuable information out of large sets of complex data! Professionals like Business Intelligence analysts & data scientists are in high demand, precisely because they can be relied on to deliver the edge companies need over competitors and increase profits. Data engineers implement the statistical models and focus on coding. Business Analysts are experts in business domain knowledge. Data scientists do data mining, improve the models made by engineers and bring in some business domain knowledge too. COMPUTER STATISTICAL BUSINESS DOMAIN SCIENCE SKILLS KNOWLEDGE (==- DATA BUSNIESS ENGINEER ANALYST DATA SCIENTIST Coming back to the two jobs in focus, any company needs the B.I. analyst and the data scientist. Both roles complement one another! But which one of these is more rewarding? This infographic explains it all. B.I. ANALYST DATA SCIENTIST Bl analyst needs a master's degree before beginning work. Education Data scientist globally need to usually have a doctoral degree before beginning work. Advanced degree in mathematics, business intelligence, statistics, and. related fields. Tasks Mostly interprets data that has been collected Use past data and extrapolate it to make profitable predictions. (past data). Meticulous piecing together of data puzzle to arrive at concrete truths. Provide predictions of future performance and projected sales information. KPIS, trends and reports Correlations, patterns and models. Focus Database design. ROI assessment of business projects. Budget issues. Marketing and finance optimization. High-level project management. High-level database design. Other common tasks include: Processes Metric creation. Computational marketing. Growth hacking. BI analysts have reasonably good starting salaries and once they reach managerial roles, their salaries nearly Salary Data scientists have similar salary hike opportunities but the career path takes longer to earn the same salaries as BI analysts. doubles. Pay Growth Rate Careers like Business Intelligence are likely to get a six-figure salary Though data scientists are also well-paid, it takes longer to get to the same level of salary. sooner. While it is certainly more lucrative to go for the salary and perks of being a business analyst, it is advisable to choose your field based on your field of interest and passion! Collaboration between both roles is a win-win situation for both the data scientist and the B.I. analyst! We are dedicated to quality business analytics education. Brought to you by AlIMS Institutes. Sources ess-intelligence analyst-data-scientist-whats-difference/ st-versus-business-analyst AIMS EMPOWERING MINDS INT

BI Analyst vs Data Scientist a Comparative Study

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Big Data is the next big thing. The field presents different opportunities to those willing to dive deep. BI analysts & data scientists are in high demand, but which one is the more rewarding profile?...


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