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Bestselling Mobile Phones of the last 20 Years

The Bestselling MOBILE PHONES of the Last 20 Years The Top Seller Might Just Surprise You! When most people think of mobile phones, Apple comes to mind, but did you know that the top sell- ing phone of all time was actually the humble little Nokia? How did this phone we laugh at when we find it stuck in the junk drawer beat the stylish Apple iPhone in total unit sales? Let's find out how many times Nokia pulled it off. 1996 Motorola StarTAC 60 million units sold The first clamshell design phone One of the first mobile phones to: • Offer a display Used an optional lithium-ion battery Have vibrate alert along with a ringtone screen instead of NIMH Nokia 5110 1998 39 million units sold NOKIA The most popular Based on the same platform as the Nokia 6610, created for businesses model for some time after its initial launch Rugged with an excellent battery life One of first phones to feature the infamous game, Snake Nokia 3210 1999 160 million units sold NOKIA One of the first phones without an antennae It had great battery power and life 1a0 2abc 3def 4 ghi It had swappable covers in many colours 5 6mno 7pars 8tuv 9wxy Still had limited features Nokia 3310 2000 126 million units sold NOKIA Sleeker and more compact than the brick phones of the day Offered a greenlit 84x48 monochrome display, making it easy to see in bright light Came with a clock, Had a phonebook that could hold 250 stopwatch, timer, calculator and currency converter contacts Nokia 1100 2003 NOKIA 250 million units sold Lacked a camera and a colour display Was highly affordable and durable def 3 Remains the best selling mobile phone of all time 4 ghi 7 pers Nokia wants to relaunch it in 2016 0. %23 Nokia 2600 2004 NOKIA 135 million units sold Offered one of the first set of desktop tools Lacked Had Included polyphonic ringtones a camera or a colour bluetooth display capabilities pers wiz 2005 Nokia 1110 NOKIA 250 million units sold A successor to the 1100 Came with three games, Snake Xenzia, Dice Games and Pocket Carrom 2 abo def 3 Released as a low-end GSM phone, it was used widely in developing countries 4 ghi 5 jkl mno 6 7 pars 8 tuv wxyz 9 *. 0- Still didn't have a camera or colour display Nokia 1600 2006 130 million units sold NOKIA Part of the Ultrabasic series launched in 2005 Designed as a prepaid mobile phone 1 2ate o 3 4 gh 5N rea 6 Related to the Nokia 1100 7pgs 8 t wyr9 O 0. # Included a speaking clock activated by the * button Nokia 1200 2007 NOKIA 150 million units sold Included a 1.5-inch monochrome display Provided a dust-resistant keypad 2 ae Offered a battery lasting a full five days 4 gs 5 7 pys wwye 9 Was one of the first cellphones to include a built-in flashlight 0. Apple iPhone 3G 2008 35 million units sold Lacked the features of the Offered new features, like support for 3G networks and third party apps most basic cellphones and battery life was bad Had expanded email features and improved call quality Delivered a superior video and music experience 2009 Apple iPhone 3GS 35 million units sold Faster than previous models Had an extended battery life Still had problems with 3G reception and call quality Didn't make the same leap as the 3G did from first generation models Nokia 5230 2010 NOKIA 150 million units sold Offered voice guided navigation and free maps Had excellent call quality at an affordable price Lacked wi-fi and a capacitive touch screen Didn't include a flash for the camera 2011 Apple iPhone 4S 60 million units sold Came with a clear 4.7 inch screen Still had battery life problems Had enhanced wireless Included Apple Pay, a speeds and increased storage capacity secure and smooth payment system Samsung Galaxy S II 2012 SAMSUNG .. 40 million units sold Faster than previous models Had an extended battery life Still had problems with 3G reception and call quality Didn't make the same leap as the 3G did from first generation models Samsung 2013 Galaxy S4 SAMSUNG 445 million units sold Worked as a TV/DVR Power button turns on unexpectedly and some camera modes were wonky Remote Includes a microSD Launched at the 2013 Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona storage slot Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus 2014 74.5 million units sold The most advanced iPhone Not much of an to date, selling about 34,000 units per hour upgrade in design from the iPhone 5 Had an improved camera, motion-tracking chip and fingerprint sensor Hardware and software that work together seamlessly 2015 Apple iPhone 6 Samsung Galaxy S6 Vs. SAMSUNO Although 2015 is only half over, it's likely the iPhone 6 will be the best seller of the year, but only time will tell The Samsung Galaxy S6 is a close contender SOURCES:,,,,,,,, Saving you money on your mobile phone 00000 000080 e000 O 0000 O 000 0

Bestselling Mobile Phones of the last 20 Years

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Mobile phones have changed dramatically since they became popular with consumers in the mid 90's. This infographic produced by Tiger Mobiles shows the best selling mobile phone handsets since 1996...


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