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The best & worst acquisitions made by tech giants

The Best &Worst ACQUISITIONS MADE BY TECH GIANTS IN RECENT HISTORY Social media giant Facebook has recently purchased WhatsApp for an eyebrow-raising $19bn. With the tech world currently awash with speculation over whether the purchase is a bargain or a blowout - and with tech giants competing with one another by making big and bold acquisitions take a look at the most spectacular tech buy-outs made over the past 15 years to help you determine whether the latest Facebook investment is set to be a match made in heaven, or hell. PORTFOLIO OF START-UP & TECH ACQUISITIONS DOT-COM-ERA START-UPS AND SERVICES TECH GIANTS HAVE FAMOUSLY ACQUIRED IN RECENT YEARS Y! f flickr $30 MILLION $1.1 BILLION $35 MILLION $1 BILLION $19 BILLION Summly acquired for $30 million in 2013 Tumblr acquired for $1.1 billion in 2013 Instagram acquired for $1 billion in 2012 Flickr bought for $35 million WhatsApp acquired for $19 in March 2005 billion in 2014 ь You Tube $1.65 BILLION $40 MILLION $40 MILLION $30 MILLION YouTube acquired $50 MILLION for $1.65 billion in 2006 Bump acquired for $40 million in 2013 Android acquired for $50 million Tweetdeck acquired for $40 million in 2011 Vine acquired for $30 million in 2012 in 2005 ACQUISITION SUCCESSES & FAILURES WITH SO MUCH MONEY BEING SPENT ON BUYING START-UPS AND SERVICES, HAVE ALL ACQUISITIONS PROVEN To BE WORTHWHILE INVESTMENTS? FAILURES SUCCESSES Yahoo acquires GeoCities for $3.7 billion eBay acquires PayPal for $1.5 billion in 2002 PayPal in 1999 ($830.23 per user) ($84.42 per user) Google acquires Aardvark for $50 million in 2010 Google acquires You- Tube for $1.65 billion in You ($55.56 per user) 2006 ($48.53 per user) Tube Google acquires Feed- Burner for $100 million in Facebook acquires WhatsApp for $19 billion ($35.56 per user) 2007 ($232.56 per user) WhatsApp Facebook acquires Instagram for $1 billion ($28.57 per user) IS WHATSAPP WORTH ITS $19 BILLION PRICE TAG? WITH SO MUCH MONEY BEING INJECTED INTO START-UPS AND SERVICES BY THE GLOBAL TECH GIANTS, LET'S LOOK AT WHAT ELSE FACEBOOK COULD HAVE GOT WITH THE BILLIONS OF DOLLARS IT INVESTED IN WHATSAPP, JUST TO HELP PUT THINGS INTO PERSPECTIVE WEMBLEY STADIUM BUCKINGHAM SYDNEY OPERA PALACE HOUSE $1 $4.6 $1.84 BILLION BILLION VALUE BILLION VALUE CONSTRUCTION COSTS INSTAGRAM RANG YAI ISLAND YOUTUBE IN THAILAND You Tube Rang Yai $160 $1 $1.65 MILLION BILLION BILLION WHATSAPP PREDICTIONS SO, YOU MAY BE WONDERING WHY FACEBOOK CHOSE TO INVEST SUCH A LARGE SUM IN WHATSAPP. 1. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said: "WhatsApp will complement our existing chat and messaging services to provide new fools for our community." 2. OUR PREDICTIONS: • The first Instagram ad appeared in November 2013. This may happen on WhatsApp in the future. • Facebook and WhatsApp may be integrated so that users can post status updates on the app. Peppermint Soda SOURCES:|LUxNMC1IMDk2amc

The best & worst acquisitions made by tech giants

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The giants in technology have billions to play with, and are constantly competing with one another to make sure that the next big thing is theirs. Few are better at investing in future winners than Fa...


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