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Best Web Design, Development & software Development Company in Saudi Arabia (KSA)

ODESIGN Latest web trends 2015 1 Mobile Responsive website design: a) People spend 3 hour per day on mobile device. b) More than 55% consumers will not recommend a company with a website that's looks bad on mobile or android device. c) Mobile accounts for more than 60% of digital Media time spent by people. d) Google accounting to a survey more than 48% of users said that if a website didn't work well on their android or smart phone it made them feel like the company didn't care about their business. e) More than 65% customers say that they are more likely to purchase on a website that is mobile friendly. f) More than 80% of customers think that a mobile website should be better than desktop website. g) More than 80% people use multiple device screens sequentially. 2 Interactive Scrolling website design: Parallax Parallax scrolling originally refers to a technique in 2D video games to show depth by having the background move slower than the foreground. Parallax while difficult to pull off is highly visually appealing and extremely effective and eyecatching of visitor website. Parallax is a technique for visually engaging the user. Parallax design is allow you to:- 3D a) show a product in 3D. b) create a 3Dtimeline. c) call to action guidance for visitor. 3 Infinite: Infinite Scrolling is a technique that load content as the user scrolls to the bottom of the page. Visitor of website scroll on more than 75% of time. More than 75% of mobile users find that website load time very slow. Infinite scrolling cut down web page loading time. With the advent of touch screen scrolling has more & more natural than clicking. 4 Flat Designs: Flat designs features clean design with open space, crisp edges, bright colors, and 2 dimensional 3D effects How flat design work: a) Gives website clean look. b) Easy to use design. c) Work with Responsive Design. d) Faster loading time. 5 Single Pages Website design: How they work: a) All content on one page. b) Easy Navigation. c) Condensed attractive content. d) Easy accessible on android and mobile device. With one page website its better telling a story with visual rather than text: a) The average attention span of an adult online is 8 second. b) Quickly communicate your brand to customers becomes invaluable. c) Concise and objective content results in better usability. Clean & simple layout design: Clean simple layout provide easy user experience to guide visitors along a path of action a) Emphasis high quality photography. More than 90% of information transmitted to the Brain is visual. More than 40% of people will respond better to visual information rather than text. More than 40% consumer likely engage with Brand that integrate High Quality Professional photography into their website. In Ecommerce Industry more the 65% of customer say the quality of product photography is very important in their purchasing decision. b) Clean & Simple webpage is easier to Navigate. Use minimal text tell the big story with Image. [email protected] Mob. +966 50 9111311

Best Web Design, Development & software Development Company in Saudi Arabia (KSA)

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