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Battle Over the Geeks

BATTLE OVER THE GEEKS NERD ALERT: YOUR SKILLS NEEDED Amazon, Linkedin, Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, eBay and Apple. Which employer has the best combination of salary, perks arid work environment to win the tech talent battle? PAY (STARTING SALARY (0-5 years experience] (MID-CAREER SALARY> (10+ years experience) - $10,000 *- $20,000 $91,500 Microsoft $158,000 Google $150,000 Salesforce $88,900 Salesforce $137,000 $87,500 Google Linkedin $86,200 $136,000 Adobe Microsoft $80,100 eBay $133,000 Adobe $73,300 $130,000 Amazon Amazon $67,900 $130,000 Facebook Facebook $66,100 Lhkedin $129,000 eBay $49,100 Apple $117,000 Apple BENEFITS ( HEALTH INSURANCE > ( PERKS > Percentage of tech industry employees receiving health insurance. Perks most commonly listed by employees at various companies MEDICAL DENTAL VISION STOCK OPTIONS STOCK PURCHASE SO Adobe, Amazon, Apple, eBay, Facebook, Google, Linkedin, Microsoft ( VACATION > Typical weeks of vacation.per year. PREE BEVERACES FB eBay, Linkedin, Salesforce FACEBOOK 3.6 CASUAL DRESS ADOBE 3.0 Amazon, Apple MICROSOFT 3.0 GOOGLE 2.9 PATERNITY LEAVE SALESFORCE O0. PL Microsoft LINKEDIN 2.8 ●.. 2.7. EBAY PETS AT WORK AMAZON 22 PAW Google APPLE 2.1 STRESS LEVEL Percentage of employees reporting extremely or fairly high levels of stress on the job. 65% 69% 50% Apple 69% Google Adobe Microsoft 70% 69% Amazon Facebook 69% 73% 71% Linkedin Salesforce eBay FLEXIBILITY Percentage of employees who consider their work schedule to be extremely or fairly flexible. 94% |. Facebook 93% | Microsoft 92% Linkedin 86% | Adobe 83% | Google 83% | Salesforce 82% | elay 766 | Apple 74% Amazon SATISFACTION LEVEL 100% Percentage of employees who report being extremely or fairly satisfied by their work. 100% of Linkedin employees report feeling extremely or fairly satisfied by their work. Linkedin 88% Facebook 87% Salesforce 80% Google 78% Apple 77% Amazon 71% eBay 69% Adobe 68% Microsoft AGE AND TENURE TYPICAL ACE OF A TECH INDUSTRY EMPLOYEE TYPICAL YEARS WTH AN EMPLOYER IN TECH INDUSTRY. 26EAL AE 34YPCAL ADE AMAZON FACEBOOK, AT FACEBOOK AT RACEDOOK AT MICROSORT COOOLE AND LINKEDIN 4 MCROSOFT Compare your own salary at . .. PayScale Source: Design by Hayato Itakura

Battle Over the Geeks

shared by PayScale on Jun 22
The battle is on. Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Google and other leading companies want the brightest minds in the tech industry working for them. How do they attract this clever crew? PayScale compare...


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