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Barcodes, Past, Present And Future

Barcodes, Past, Present and Future It is hard to imagine what life must have been like without barcodes! 1890 - Punch cards are created in order to speed up the purchasing process. 1949 Joseph Woodland and Bernard Silver FIG 10 file for a patent for two types of INVENTORS: NORMAN J.WOODLAND barcodes: a bull's BERNARD SILVER eye pattern and a linear . BY THEIR ATTORNEYS Houton a Houson NOTE: LINES 67, 8, AND 9 ARE LESS REFLECTIVE THAN LINES 10. 1960's - The one. first bar code laser scanners appear. These interpret the width of the black lines and spaces between them into strings of numbers before matching them to an item in a database. FUP Kiags 1966 - - For the first time, bar code technology is used by the US National Association of Food Chains for faster check out. 1974 - Dr David Allais produces Code 39; the first alphanumeric bar code symbology. The IBM system of bar code lines is adopted in the form we know and use today. 1991 - Bars & Stripes, one of the most popular barcode software applications is introduced by Tippecanoe Systems, Thanks to modern Inc. and allows small businesses to software and technology, use bar coding with minimal bar codes can now be expense. printed in-house using a label printer! QR Codes: the Barcodes of the Future Bar codes can only hold 20 alphanumeric characters, limiting their usage to the most basic database systems. Enter QR codes! These 2Dimensional patterns can hold much more information as they can be read in 2 directions: across and up/down. QR codes can now code about 7,000 numerals, allowing for a lot of information to be stored. And with the use of modern technologies, any smartphone can scan QR codes, making them the method of choice to redirect people to a URL in a matter of seconds.

Barcodes, Past, Present And Future

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Barcodes are the key to information technology in modern retailing. With digital label printing technology, all your stock items can be part of the retail IT revolution.




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