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Bank Security Explained

NEWSILLUSTRATED KEEPING A LOCK ON SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS Cameras positioned around and inside banks are the most effective INSIDE THE NUMBERS in identifying robbers. Low quality video has evolved to high resolution images that can be transmitted over an IP network. SECURITY Robbery highs and lows In the past five years, bank robberies in South Florida reached a peak in 2004 and a low the following year. MUVBER OF RORBERES 20 By embracing new forms of technology, banks are staying protected and bringing robbers to justice. ANALOG CAMERA NETWORK CAMERA Interlaced scanning, an older imaging method is used in analog cameras, TVs and VHS recorders. These cameras work only with an external computer. Now, progressive scanning provides sharper images for digital imaging and storage They have computers built within their frames. SCREENING VESTIBULE 200 0 204 25 A control room allows operation of the following functions: Robberies by county Doors allow only single person entry and exit, eliminating entry by groups. Metal detectors scan for weapons. A video camera inside the vestibule immediately records. VO Banks in all three counties saw a sharp decline in robberies in 2005. - Palm Beach SECURITY GUARD - Broward Height markers help determine the height l of a suspect. Vestibule locks - Miami-Dade and cameras are controlled by guards from a station where they can also contact authorities. Both armed and unarmed guards deter robbers. Bulletproof glass prevents shots from inside and outside Magneticlecks can be operated wirelessly. Removal of hats and sunglasses can deter robbers who try to conceal their identity. OTHER NOTES There are an estimated 10,000 bank robberies per year; that is about 27 robberies a day. The average amount robbers escape with is $4,800. About three out of four robbers are caught within 18 months of the crime. BANDIT BARRIER At 1.25 inches thick, the bulletproof barrier made of layers of polycarbonate and glass protects tellers from armed robbers RESISTANCE LEVELS Levels 1,2 and 3 resistance barriers protect from medium, high and super-power firearms. Level 1 Beretta 92 FS 92 mm Parabellum FEDERAL BAIT MONEY EB45378753E Level 2 Colt King Cobra 357 Magnum 38 Special Money with prerecorded serial numbers is intentionally passed to the bank robber. If the money is found in the robber's possession, it may assist in the criminal's prosecution B2 SILENT ALARM By pushing a hidden button tellers are able to alertauthorities without the robber knowing. Level 3 Magnum Research Desert Eagle 44 Magnum SaaTPUBLICA SECURITY DYE PACK PACKS GPS PACK O After activation, slow current is sent through circuit board. e Current ignites squib which bursts contents from steel housings. O The GPS device is activated once removed from a magnetic plate. Though not a deterrent, security packs are used to foll and apprehend robbers. Dye packs and GPS packs are activated when - Dye and Asmoke Bendable dye and GPS packs go unnoticed - Battery Crcuit board O A cellular signal relays messages. The GPS GPS removed from a magnetic plate in a drawer. because of antenna their U-shape, flexiblity and similarity in feel to an actual bundle of money. Batteries Squib lexplosive) System controller signal is used to reveal the location of N stolen money. Cellular -Conductors antenna Dye and tear gas SOURCES: Dirbolid Electrorik Seauity Information Center,, Westenindependert Barkers, Amerikan Barkers Assodation US. ens Burea Amerka's Conmunity Banke, Newsweek SrippsHowand News Servtce. Bankes Onine. As Communications, Close focus Reseaech Paciic Blletproof Co, US. Patert and Trademark oce FBI Communications Uit Staff researd/Barbara Hijek, Michael Grant Staff graphic Michael Grant

Bank Security Explained

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Heavy research, data analysis, and patent records were studied and simplified, and visualized in order to provide readers a glimpse into bank security.


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