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Bank on Cloud

BANK ON CLOUD A study by Microsoft Asia on how consumers are using the cloud today Cloud storage services such as OneDrive, is like a bank. There was a time when many people wondered if banks were the safest place for their cash; but today, most of us safe keep money in our preferred banks. Drawing parallels from history, the perception of cloud storage is changing and consumers are increasingly using it to save, share and access their valuable files and precious moments safely and with ease. 54% 66% of users have up to 25GB worth of files stored in the of current users expect their cloud usage to grow in the next 12 months! cloud 78% documents What's INSIDE 77% photos users' cloud storage today? A54% videos Every OneDrive account gives you complimentary access to 7GB of cloud storage space! That's equivalent to: x w P3 What does 7GB 7,000 7,000 204 give you? 1 MB Word, Excel, PowerPoint files (or just about any other documents) 1 MB Family Photos two-minute long family videos at 35MB each When it comes to accessing important files OneDrive | O on Oupkod Search Orerive P Files OneOrive Recent docs All photos Shared Documents PCs Camera Analysi Five Rectangle Piech Cass-Pres Laptop 69% 5:40 | 78% pictures will access their files in the cloud on their mobile devices of cloud users feel that there is no longer a need to be carrying USB drives anymore share that it's 87% important to them that the cloud service of their choice works 67% across multiple devices. would rather lose the device than lose all the content saved in it! Respondents said that they will feel negatively impacted if they lose.. However... 57% !!! Losing Very Important Personal Documents your precious files and data Photos 43% can cause distress!!! 38% Home Videos Privacy OneDrive gives you the control over who can and cannot access your personal data in the cloud. TRUST THE CLOUD Security All files uploaded to OneDrive can be password protected. Uploads and downloads are protected using SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption. Losing memories can be a traumatic files and precious experience. Microsoft puts your privacy and security needs as top priorities. OneDrive also offers 2-step verification - making it very difficult for a hacker to get unauthorized access. Here's why OneDrive is different. OneDrive Photos & videos Shared Anurm Farly lun Why OneDrive? Simply's the One Place for everything in your life. teach Day CneDrive- OneDrive is available across all major devices, including Windows PCs and tablets, Mac OS X, Windows Phone, Android and iOS devices today – which makes it easy for you to access your files no matter where you are. The best way to store, view, and share your photos and videos Outlook Inbox OneDrive P Hes Cassie Hicks All photos Amanad P Perfect for work Shared Cae Miza Nad Jamie Reding Southridge Video Laote Lurne Publinhing Humongous Imurance and school to0 fourth Caffee Wide Worid Imponers Shawn Richardun David Pelton Bacy Susanne Schustie No other cloud service can store, view and share your photos & videos like OneDrive can. OneDrive comes with Office Online and is perfect for work, school and getting stuff done on-the-go with real time collaboration from almost any device. ABOUT THE SURVEY: Data is based on an online survey conducted in March 2014, by Microsoft Asia from 481 respondents across Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam who have heard about or are using cloud services today. OneDrive To find out more about OneDrive, visit today. #OneDriveAPAC Microsoft

Bank on Cloud

shared by MicrosoftAsia on Apr 02
A Microsoft Asia survey gives some interesting insights on how consumers in Asia use cloud storage services today: 67% of consumers would rather lose their device than the content stored in it and 87%...




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