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Avoid Line of Fire Injuries - poster

Avoid Line of Fire Injuries ENBRIDGE Line of Fire: the path an object will travel creating risk of serious injury Moving vehicles/heavy equipment Lifting/hoisting Have adequate precautions been taken in areas where there are moving vehicles? Are parking brakes and/or wheel chocks used for vehicles/equipment parked on anincline? Are other workers prevented fromentering a lifting/hoisting zone? Coulda load swing when being lifted or lowered? Does the operator have a clear view of obstructions in the immediate area? If not, isasignaler/spotter present? Has rigging equipment been inspected prior to use? Are tag lines installed and in use? Working at height/dropped objects Objects under tension 000000 Has a drop zone been established under any work being performed at height? Have all tools andequipment been secured by those working above? Are workers aware of stored energy potential from chains, slings, load lines, tie-downs and straps under tension? Are tool bags and hand lines being used to provide tools andequipment to workers above? Are workers clear of the potential path of travel when removing/adjusting straps or banding under tension? Objects with fall potential Objects with roll potential Are any top-heavy items that could fall stored inthe workplace? Are there any objects stored in the workplace that could roll (cylinders, piping, tools, equipment)? Is adequate bracing/controls in place to prevent objects fromrolling unexpectedly? Could any items being transported by forklift or truck fall sideways? Pressurized objects Machinery with moving parts Are people working close to pressurized objects (e.g.piping systems, compressed gases)? Could the contents of a pressurized system be released due to aplanned or unplanned activity? Are people working near equipment with parts that can move suddenly and/or unexpectedly? Couldequipment rotate unexpectedly? Coulda pressurized substance (hydraulic, gas, liquid) be released when avalve is opened or a fitting loosened? Could outside factors cause sudden movement in machinery parts? Can hands and fingers be trapped? Could the contents be toxic? Electrical equipment Spring-loaded devices When switching abreaker into position, do workers always stand aside in case of an arc flash? Coulda spring give way to release tremendous energy? Is all equipment containing springs in good working condition? Is any spring-loaded device over its сарacity? Doworkers stay clear when breakers are being closed remotely? Hand and power tools Ground disturbance and excavations Could the tool kick back, jam, catch or release unexpectedly? Are adequate guards/barriers in place to eliminate potential Line of Fire situations? Has the tool beeninspected prior touse? Could use of the tool cause flying/falling debris? (grinding, welding, chiseling etc.)? Are excavations properly sloped and/or shored as necessary? Are excavations appropriately barricaded to prevent unauthorized entry? Do any items surrounding the excavation have the potential to fall in? wwwm

Avoid Line of Fire Injuries - poster

shared by Vige on Apr 30
Infographic poster design for Enbridge. Line of Fire: the path an object will travel creating risk of serious injury.


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