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Augmented Reality - The Next Marketing "Killer App"?

AUGMENTED REALITY THE NEXT MARKETING "KILLER APP"? WHAT IS AUGMENTED REALITY (AR)? Augmented reality is a digital technology that overlays text, images or video over physical objects. At its core, AR provides all types of information such as location, heading, visual, audio and acceleration data, and opens an avenue for real-time feedback. HOW IT WORKS APP AND SMARTPHONE CAMERA SENSORS COMBINE REALITY WITH VIRTUAL OVERLAYS STEP I STEP 3 STEP 2 An AR app searches for images and patterns on a Readers hold phones App validates image and sends back the in front of a printed-page server associated content GAMES WEB LINKS THE VALUE PROPOSITION OF AR V New content channel for consumers IlIIllulluulluuullluluulu V Extends life of direct mail (DM) v Convergence of campaigns social, location & V Consumers interact context in both digital & physical worlds VMore measurable & trackable results from DM campaigns V Highly inexpensive, interactive & targeted V High emotional & V Mobile-native repeat engagement AR CAMPAIGN SUCCESS STORIES AR turns 2D into 3D, giving consumers a reason to engage with & hold onto a promotional piece. ... TOYOTA SHOPPING TOOL W600%+ increase in app downloads after AR campaign - ToyoTag MOOSEJAW XRAY AUGMENTED REALITY APP 37% 75k increase downloads in sales in 5 weeks I million impressions on Twitter 160,000 video views TOP GEAR MAGAZINE i. O OD:: 50% of readers watch extra content via the app KFC INDIA WoW @25 35,000 downloads of App on the iTune store's FWA, Daily App Review and Mid-Day spotlighted the campaign as No. 1 What's Hot section AR IS GROWING FAST 132% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of global augmented reality market 2013-2018 $600 billion in AR techology revenues by 2016 AR APPS DOWNLOADED 2017 118 million in 2012 3.5 billion by 2017 2012 MARKETS DRIVING MOBILE AR ADOPTION NORTH AMERICA WESTERN EUROPE FAR EAST & CHINA WHAT'S DRIVING AR GROWTH? SMARTPHONES Augmented reality's growth is directly tied to consumers' addiction to smartphones and tablets 00 50% 50%+ of U.S. uses smartphones of shoppers use their smartphones to research purchases SMARTPHONE USERS 181.4 million by 2014 222.1 million by 2017 MOBILE AUGMENTED REALITY (AR) USERS 60 million in 2013 200 million in 2018 30% of smartphone users in mature markets will use AR at least once a week in 2014 ANNUAL REVENUE GENERATED BY MOBILE AUGMENTED REALITY APPS AND SERVICES $2 million $1.5 billion in 2010 by 2015 WHAT'S NEXT FOR AR? Smart Glasses & Beyond GOOGLE GLASS Features an AR display worn on a user's head like a pair of glasses Requires no special action to start up the AR activity VUZIX Monocular AR prototype for industrial use INNOVEGA AR contact lens prototype Researchers at the University of Washington successfully displayed a single pixel on a rabbit's eye ...AND AUTOMOBILES 103 million automobiles will contain AR technology by 2020 KEY AR COMPETITORS LOCATION- INTERACTIVE ENHANCED BASED PRINT MEDIA, PRINT INFO SHOPPING MARKETING & GAMES CAMPAIGNS O wikitude Qualcomm vuforia metaio AURASMA KALLOC STUDIOS blippAR lay ar Nokia's City Lens Telefonica Total Immersion > zappar DID YOU KNOW? 1901 Author L. Frank Baum first mentioned .electronic display spectacles overlaying data onto real life 1975 Television weather reports - BAUM K Ist application of AR on TV 1989 The term 'virtual reality' was coined by Jaron Lanier TODAY AR already used by Boeing, BMW and Volkswagen on assembly lines FUTURE AR contact lenses coming soon to the United States Military MILLIONS AND BILLIONS OF DOLLARS

Augmented Reality - The Next Marketing "Killer App"?

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Augmented Reality provides a way to bridge the gap between the physical and digital experience, empowering brands to better engage with their customers and drive real business results in the process. ...


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