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Attack of the f In-App Add

ATTACK OF THE IN-APP AD With more than 10 billion apps downloaded just last year, the mobile app is taking over. Now, marketers are accessing the app marketplace with in-app ads, hoping to grab a piece of the mobile media pie. RISE OF THE APP Since the first app became available in 2008, mobile apps have caught on in a huge way. Research firm IDC forecasts that worldwide app downloads will increase more than ten times over by 2015. Mobile Application Downloads Worldwide - 10 Billion Downloads 2010 10.7B 2015 182.7B IN-APP AD SPEND With so many apps being downloaded and used every day, marketers aim to capture consumers with in-app advertising. 100M 200M 300M 400M 500M 60OM 70OM 80OM SOOM IN-APP ADS CURRENTLY REPRESENT 5% OF TOTAL MOBILE AD SPENDING. $860M BY 2014, IN-APP AD REVENUE IS EXPECTED TO SURPASS $860 MILLION. DISLIKED, YET MORE EFFECTIVE How consumers feel about in-app mobile advertisements. Among 18-34 Year Olds Among Smartphone Owners 54% 46% 52% 40% Don't like in-app mobile ads Don't mind / are indifferent Recall ads seen in mobile apps Recall ads seen while to in-app mobile ads surfing mobile web GET IN THE GAME Mobile games are the dominant sector of in-app advertising. Successful games, most notably Angry Birds, offer full versions of the game for free to end users and fund them through in-game ads In-Game Ad Spend 2010 2015 ANGRY BIRDS AD SPEND The game's developer, Rovio, reported that by the end of 2010 it expected to generate $1 million per month from in-app advertising on the Android platform. In-App Revenue Vs. Sales of Virtual Goods* $87M $894M Monthly ad revenue per app user Monthly virtual goods revenue per app u "September 2010 THE SHIFT Recent studies suggest app developers will soon shift away from the initial app purchase as the focus of app monetization. Instead, developers will focus increasingly on in-app advertising and in-app purchasing to fund business models. App Developers Using Various Business Models + Percent Change (2010-2011) 2010 2011 70% 60% 59% 59% 56% 50% 48% 43% 42% 40% 40% 34% 30% 30% 27% 27% 20% 13% 10% Brand Loyalty Engagement App Store Sales In-App Advertising In-App Purchases DESIGNING CAMPAIGNS Three recommendations for marketers adding in-app ads to their broader marketing strategies. LOOK BEYOND THE CLICK TARGET AUDIENCE, NOT DEVICE THINK OUTSIDE THE RECTANGLE In-app advertising has a number of success metrics that are all measurable, including interactions, shares, "likes," texts, calls, apps downloaded, views, coupons redeemed, and impressions. Marketers should avoid defaulting to clicks and clickthrough rates because they're familiar. Some marketers will design in-app In-app ads have a slew of creative possibilities including sponsorships, interstitials, audio, and video. campaigns around a specific device - often a hot, new one. Instead, they should consider the message and target audience, and tailor the strategy accordingly. In-app ad formats that work across devices help Marketers should evaluate what creative strategy will complement their campaigns best and help meet their broader goals. markets think about audience first. Sources: IAB, Mashable, Flurry, Juniper Research,, IDC Research, Appcelerator, Parks Associates, Compete BuySellAds.

Attack of the f In-App Add

shared by judithgold on Dec 13
This infographic provides information about mobile apps and producing in app adds. It first provides data for the number of apps downloaded a day and the percentage of spending on in app adds. Then it...


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