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Attack of the Business Killing Monster

sIntegra ATTACK. OF THE BUSINESS KILLING MONSTER HOW BC/DR PLANNING SAVED THE DAYI DESTRUCTION! DEVASTATION! No one is safe from business downtime. North American businesses lose $26.5 billion annually to the downtime monster -that's enough to kill off almost any business. Don't be a BC/DR horror story. NO ONE IS SAFE FROM ITS CLUTCHES AM I AT RISK FOR A DISASTERO 3 OUT OF 4 BUSINESSES are at risk for a major disruption in business operations, due to poor Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) planning. 73% of businesses have had a disruption in operations 10 within the last 5 years. 36% of organizations have lost access in the last year to their critical applications. 24% experienced a full data disaster that lasted for multiple days. 69% of IT leaders expect to have one or more disruption within the next 2 years. 10UT OF S ANTICIPATING IT UILL BE MAJOR IT STRIKES WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT WHAT CAUSES BUSINESS DOUNTIMEO Six primary IT risks are at the root of most disruptions, causing an overwhelming loss of access to critical systems, applications and data. 17% Human Third Party Emor 30% Error Failure Failed Manmade/ Natural Disasters 6% -15% Backup/ Restore IT System 19% Cyber- 14% security Failure Breach IT CAME IN THE NIGHT WHAT ARE THE EFFECTS OF AN EVENTO The average cost of an outage can accrue at the rate of $50,000 per minute. But what is the financial impact to each area of the business? 29% 21% 19 % 12% 10% Reputation and Brand Damage Lost Productivity Lost Revenue Forensics Technical Support Compliance/Regulatory % ONLY THE LUCKY MAKE ITOUT ALIVE HOW LIKETY AM I TO REOVERO If you don't have a BC/DR plan, your chances of recovering from a downtime disaster are slim, over ½ never recoup their losses. The speed to restore operations is critical to your business survival. The longer it takes, the slimmer your chances to fully recover. 12% Restore operations within a few hours S9% Restore operations within a few days Don't restore 29% operations for three days or more ECOR BC/DR PLANNING COMESTOTNE RESCHE WHAT CAN I DO TO PROTECT MYSELFO 1 Conduct a business impact analysis to identify your mission critical services and assess risk. Start by identifying the most crucial systems and the effect their outage would have on the business. The greater the potential impact, the faster the recovery time must be. Consider your building, network, data, applications, and workforce. 2 Carefully evaluate and select reliable business partners to reduce risks and assist in planning. Choose service providers with documented BC/DR plans, established Service Level Agreements (SLAS), and robust security measures. Select networking partners, cloud service providers and data centers with redundant connectivity and automatic failovers. Consider hiring a Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) provider to help with your plan. Create a detailed plan with Recovery Time/Point Objectives (RTOS/RPOS) for critical items. Figure out how quickly you need to recover (RTO) and how much data loss you can tolerate (RPO) to resume operations. Consider improving network security and redundancy; implementing regular data backup/disk mirroring procedures; and instituting cloud-based failover/failback to virtualized applications, systems and infrastructure. Test your plan, optimize it, and retest it regularly to ensure it remains current and effective. 4 Test your plan, inside and out. Find the gaps and address them before you have an actual disruption. Do live tests to simulate a real event, include service providers, and exercise complete failover, restore, and validation processes. Review your plan regularly as your business grows and changes. Don't let a lack of planning turn into a business nightmare. Visit our BC/DR resource center for more information on how you can prepare your business for the next disaster. WULINTECRATELECOM .COM/BCDR Sources$265-billion-in-lost-revenueid/d-id/1097919? WH&htmifid RLWO3024USEN IT risklindex.html WEB.pdf -ШПЕ

Attack of the Business Killing Monster

shared by Integra on Oct 31
North American businesses lose $26.5 billion annually to the downtime monster—that’s enough to kill off almost any business. All the experts agree, when the normal course of operations is disrupte...




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