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AT&T Labs Inventions

AT&T Labs Inventions Over the years, AT&T Labs have produced an extensive list of innovations that date back at the time Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. It currently employs more than1,000 world-class scientists and engineers whose combined expertise continue to deliver competitive systems and technology. 1870s-1920s %3D 1876 Scotland-born scientist Alexander Graham Bell 1885 made a groundbreaking invention in the form of the telephone. AT&T began building America's original long distance network. 1913 AT&T tested high-vacuum tubes on the long distance network. Alexander Graham Belf in 1876 1915 The first transcontinentaltelephone call was made through AT&T network. 1917 AT&T engineers accomplished the first air-to-ground and ground-to-air radio communications over a distance of about two miles. 1924 1925 AT&T's fax machine was created. Western Electric Research Laboratories It was also at this time the company devised the first recording and reproducing system using electricity. and part of the engineering department of AT&T joined forces to form Bell Telephone Laboratories, Inc. 1929 American electrical engineers Lloyd Espenschied and Herman Affel, both of Bell Laboratories, invented the broadband coaxial cable. 1927 Bell System conducted the first public demonstration in the U.S. of long-distance television transmission. The year also saw the beginning of commercial telephone service using radio. During this year, AT&T Bell Labs developed the first artificial larynx which in 31 years later the company replaced with an electronic version. 1930s-1950s 1939 1941 Bell Labs researcher George Stibitz and S.B. Williams the world's first electrical digital computer, the Complex Number Calculator. The first touch-tone telephone was installed in Baltimore, Maryland. TOUCH TONE PRINCESS TELEPHONE 1946 The first mobile telephone call happened, leading to the development of car phones. 1947 1951 D.H. Ring at Bell Labs conceived the cellular telephone services, and three AT&T researchers developed the transistor which made it possible to combine the functionality of computers In August, the first telephone call is placed on AT&T's new microwave radio-relay skyway. Before the year ended, the first direct-dial transcontinental telephone call was made from New Jersey to California. and communication. 1960s-1980s 1960 1962 AT&T Labs launched Echo, a giant, experimental balloon off of which messages could be bounced, paving the way for the world's first active communications satellite, called Telstar. Telstar demonstrated the first television picturere layed from earth to space and back through satellite transmission. 1969 AT&T Labs developed the UNIX operating system which played a significant role to the development of the Internet. ILLL 1970 Commercial Picturephone service, which AT&T Labs has been experimenting with since 1964, debuted in downtown Pittsburgh. 1976 - 1976 AT&T launched the world's first electronic 1977 AT&T Bell Labs installed the world's first lightwave system in an operating telephone company to provide a full range of telecommunications service, such as voice, data, and video - over a public switched digital switch, the 4ESS switch, which improved long-distance call completion speed, from 10-20 seconds to a mere 1-2 seconds. network. 1983 AT&T Labs experimented on dividing wireless communications into a series of cells which 1989 eventually led to the development of cellular phones. Around this time, AT&T researcher Bjarne Stroustrup built the first version of C++ which rapidly became one of the most influential programming languages in history. AT&T developed the HDTV technology. AT&T developed the Speech-Actuated Manipulator (SAM), a speech-driven robot with one arm, two video cameras, eight computers, and could understand 300 billion sentences 1990s-2000s 1992 AT&T made the first public demonstration of Voice English/Spanish Translator (VETS) which recognized roughly 450 words in over a billion sentence combinations. 1993 AT&T Labs developed Model 70, a technology that allowed people to engage in video communication. 1997 AT&T Labs developed the a2b Music which provided secure delivery of digital music over the Internet while protecting copyrights. 866! AT&T introduced phone web, a much better alternative to the standard Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. Phone web enabled people to access the content and interactions of web pages through a telephone. 2000 AT&T Labs developed a network of advance protection tools phone companies that rely on the AT&T Network Connection (ANC) system for transport of long-distance services. 2001 AT&T Labs unveiled the most advanced synthetic speech system to date, the AT&T Natural Voices, as well as the so-called Next Generation Tools, such as Gigascope and Traffic Aggregation Probe (TAP), BRAVO, FALCON, and Netdb. 2002 AT&T Labs introduced the Privacy Bird which lets Internet users set privacy preferences when browsing the web. 2004 2005 AT&T unveiled its Traffic Analysis Service (TAS) tools for distilling information from massive volumes of Netflow data. AT&T Labs developed security notification and alerting service that detects viruses and worms weeks before they affect a customer's network. CED

AT&T Labs Inventions

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Over the years, AT&T Labs have produced an extensive list of innovations that date back at the time Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. It currently employs more than 1,000 world-class scien...






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