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Asset Tracking: RFIDs, Barcodes or QR Codes?

BARCODES vs. QR CODES vs. RIFIDS A Retail and Inventory Primer Data Capacity Year Introduced 1974 The first item to have a barcode on Up to 20 characters. its packaging was Wrigley's Gum. Speed Unique Advantages Juie9 Relatively quick, though items need to be scanned individually. Cost Barcodes $ $$$ $ Cheap and accurate. Systems usually pay for themselves within 6-18 months of installation. Despite predictions to the contrary, still very popular in retail and inventory. Barcodes cost around o.5c each, can be printed on standard printers, and readers are inexpensive. Year Introduced Mid-1990s Data Capacity Developed in Japan for use in the automotive industry. Up to 7,000 characters. Speed On mobile devices, scanning can be quite slow, though reading is fast. Dedicated machines are faster. Cost $ $ $ $$ QR codes can be printed on practically anything and scanned on mobile devices, reducing startup costs. Faster systems are more expensive. Unique Advantages QR Codes Versatile – codes can include URLS, SMS messages, email messages and more. Can be linked to websites, apps and more. Can be printed on practically any surface. Year Introduced 1973 Data Capacity Initially used as transponders for vehicle ID, security and banking. In 2003, WalMart announced all suppliers would be required to RFID tag items. 'Passive' (non-battery-powered) tags can store up to 4 million characters. Speed Unique Advantage Scanners can communicate with multiple tags at the same time, without line-of-sight. RFID chips can now be about the size of a grain of rice. Their significantly increased data capacity makes identifying specific items much easier. Cost REIDS $ $ $ $ $ Tags cost an average of 15-30c, and systems are more expensive than for barcodes or QR codes. SOURCES: PRESENTED BY: webcheckout

Asset Tracking: RFIDs, Barcodes or QR Codes?

shared by t1handy on Mar 03
How barcodes, qr codes, and rfid tags can help you manage your inventory. The graphic breaks down the different management systems and details the pros and cons of them.



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