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Are You The Ultimate Mobile Adventurer?

This may change your view of mobile contracts. forever! giffgaff are you THE ULTIMATE MOBILE ADVENTURER? Just how moblle savvy are you? Add up your points as you go along LEVEL 1 CAN YOU RESIST THE HANDSET TEMPTRESS? to find out! START HERE A beautiful sales assistant wows you with a demo of the latest shiny smartphone. -Hints- Are you able to resist her persuasive powers? 45% NO YES +1 45% of mobile phone users aren't aware that contract prices can rise throughout the duration of their tariff. Ooh shiny! Win a point! BONUS ROUND ......... You decide to buy a new phone instead. Oh no. You're caught in a trap. DO THE BONUS ROUND! You have a choice: pay for the phone up-front or strike a deal that would give up your freedom for the next 2 years. What do you do? Have a look at the giffgaff blog for hints on how to pick up the latest handsets at cheap prices Can you find it for cheaper than its market value? GET A HINT Check out our loan caloulator! 59% EEK YES NO Pay up front Sign a 2 year contract |+1 NO WAY OUT 59% of mobile users choose a contract because they want the latest handset. Getting a loan & buying upfront can save you Win a point! Win a point! around £150 on an iPhone. YIKES! YOU ARE LOST IN A LABYRINTH FOR 2 YEARS. WISE UP! Share this hint LEVEL 2 ARE YOU A BOUNTY HUNTER? GET GOING Share your answer! 1.4 What resource do you treasure most? BILLION According to Informa, texts sert via apps overtook SMS messages by 14 billion last year. DATA TEXTS MINS BEWARE 67% | 33% Texts and minutes are quickly becoming obselete, especially 67% of people think that they get through 250MB of mobile data a month. In reality, only 33% use with the advent of 4G! How much DATA do you use? more than this amount. 250 MB? Avoid this pitfall Share this hint less than don't know more than Yikes, sounds like you need help! • |+1 Got a hint keep an eye on your data usage & upgrade or downgrade accordingly! Win a point! NO Do you use apps to monitor the amount of data you use every month? YES Win a point! MONEY BAGS! LEVEL 3 ARE YOU A NATURAL DISASTER? NEARLY THERE 47% Have you ever lost a mobile phone? Get a hint According to the Met office, phone theft rose by 47% last year. NO YES Win a point! Is this you? 24% What happened to your old phone? Rumour has it that 24% of iPhone users are walking around with cracked screens in their pockets! If you were to lose it, do you have a back-up of Recyled it/ Donated it! your contacts? I left it behind in I threw it out the window in an argument YES NO Charities love old mobile phones. To find your nearest store check online & donate to a good cause! a taxi Win a point! Do you believe in karma? Win a point! YOU MADE IT! HOW MANY POINTS DID YOU EARN? 0-1 2-3 4-6 Share your results Annoying Sidekick Journeyman Mighty Mobile Adventurer You aspire to be a real adventurer, but you don't have enough knowledge to be more than a sidekick While you don't possess the acumen to become a true You are a truly excellent adventurer and are hero, you've got your wits about you. Check out the giffgaff knowledge page to find out some more tricks. capable of surviving even the harshest mobile landscape. Are you a Mighty Mobile Adventurer, a Journeyman or an Anhoying Sidekick? #mobilemission

Are You The Ultimate Mobile Adventurer?

shared by stylishlondonliving on Sep 05
Test your mobile knowledge and take part in our Ultimate Mobile Adventurer game? It's really easy and won't take much of your time: all you have to do is answer a few simple questions and follow the...




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