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Are You Textually Active?

Textually Active Неуy Hiiii ;) Wut RU rly saying? After 20 years of ongoing messaging technology, texting is still as popular as ever. We've even developed a kind of text language with complexity and subtle nuances. What does it all mean? WHO'S TEXTING? Based on Acision study of 2.000 respondents in the US and UK 92% 46% say SMS is more reliable Heyy Hii of smartphone users use SMS as their primary 40% the speed say they use SMS because of messaging service Number of texts sent per month in 200O: Number of texts sent per month in 2010: 14 188 BILLION BILLION 69% of all respondents said they "would be lost" without the ability to text MEN TEXT MORE Women have an average of 13 regular text contacts THAN WOMEN • They tend to send longer an average of 17 regular contacts messages More likely to say: »They send shorter messages >They generally see texting as a functional form of communication I love you <3 18-25 year olds send an average of 133 TEXTS 95% of 18-35 year olds send text messages of those 55+ send per week texts to their family SAY THAT TO MY FACE Texting does not effectively communicate feeling, There is concern that we Most people say things via text that they would not say in person may lose parts of our relationships to technology body language, tone or subtle inflections ,? !; PUNCTUATION MATTERS What does your punctuation communicate? Period. Apostrophe' Exclamation Point! Meaning: You're ready to end the conversation Meaning: You care about the details Meaning: Excitement, playfulness or desperation I'm going to a friend's house. you're, you'd, & i'd Ok! Let me know! Vs. Us. vs. I'm going to a friend's house Youre, youd, & Id Ok. Let me know. Emoticons ;) Semicolon; Meaning: You want to liven up the conversation Meaning: You're overthinking this It implies that you've probably thought about this, agonized over it, edited and revised your text Sources: SCRATCH NOWSOURCING,8599,2041714,00.html WIREL ESS Free Unlimited Texting

Are You Textually Active?

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A look into the surreal world of texting. You think you're not addicted? Can stop anytime you want? Read on.


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