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Are You Addicted to Your Mobile Phone?

ARE YOU ADDICTED TO YOUR MOBILE PHONE ? OWNERSHIP 5 IN 10 PEOPLE CONFESSED TO BEING ADDICTED TO THEIR MOBILE PHONES 83% 83% of people own mobile phones 35% 35% of mobile phone users own smartphones 49% confessed to being addicted to their devices HOW MUCH ARE WE WILLING TO SACRIFICE? WHAT WOULD PEOPLE RATHER GIVE UP FOR A WEEK INSTEAD OF THEIR MOBILE? THE MOST COMMON 3) ACTIVITIES AND 4 USES ON MOBILE PHONES 44% 38% Social networking Send & receive email 23% Access the internet 54% Send photos or video Text messaging 70% 63% Chocolate 33% Sex 73% 73% Take photos Alcohol SIGNS OF SMARTPHONE ADDICTION WORRIED YOU'RE A PHONE ADDICT? If more than seven of the scenarios below apply to you, then maybe it's time to grab the odd 'offline' day! SCENARIO 1 40% 83% of people sleep with their phones by their bedside of people have their handsets on 24/7! I NEVER TURN OFF MỸ MOBILE. 35%EE 3 out of 41 people have admítted to talking on the phone while driving of mobile phone owners use apps before getting out of bed SCENARIO 2 I OFTEN SEND TEXTS AS I WALK DOWN THE HIGH STREET. 11% 47% of teens send more than 200 text per day of teens say their social life would end without text messaging 42% of teens say they can text message blindfolded SCENARIO 3 I'M COMPELLED TO MAKE CALLS, EVEN IN QUIET PLACES LIKE THE CINEMA OR LIBRARY. entertainment when they're bored. 42% of people use their phone for SCENARIO 4 I REGULARLY MAKE PERSONAL CALLS WHILE I'M AT WORK. of people make and take personal calls 30% during office hours. But also answer work-related calls when on holiday or annual leave. SCENARIO 5 I POST SOCIAL NETWORKING UPDATES IN WORK MEETINGS. SCENARIO 6 I SOMETIMES USE MY PHONE WHILE IN THE TOILET. 40% of people answer their phones whilst in the toilet. SCENARIO 7 I USE MY PHONE TO AVOID SOCIAL INTERACTION over 50% prefer communicating digitally to face to face conversation 15% of people admit to pulling out their mobile phones to prevent social interactions with unknown people at parties. 60% of people use their phones whilst socialising. SCENARIO 8 I USE MY MOBILE PHONE INSTEAD OF WATCHING TV. SCENARIO 9 I GET UP IN THE NIGHT TO CHECK MY TWITTER OR FACEBOOK. 15% of people have interrupted sex to answer a phone call TAKE CONTROL SWITCH IT OFF! Experts say, to avoid smartphone addiction you should turn it off occasionally. Not a bad idea, but what happens next? Your voicemail gets flooded with "get in touch" requests. Your social networking pals un-friend you because you haven't "liked" their latest dog pics. When you power your phone back up, you have a backlog of emails to catch up on... With all that hassle, chances are, most of us will be keeping our smartphones switched on. Why? It's far less stressful than turning them off. Sources CASH GENERATOR http:/ to-your-smartphone-latest-survey-says you-re not-alone/ to-your-mobile phone statistics-galore

Are You Addicted to Your Mobile Phone?

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Smartphones can do just about anything and many people have become attached to their phones. This infographic takes a look at what people commonly use their smartphones for. It also lists a series of ...


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