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Are We Wired for Mobile Learning?

ARE WE WIRED FOR MOBILE LEARNING? HOW DIGITAL NATIVES ARE A BIT AHEAD WHO ARE THE DIGITAL NATIVES? DIGITAL NATIVES, as defined by their favorite source - Wikipedia: “A digital native is a young person who was born during or after the general introduction of digital technology, and through interacting with digital technology from an early age, has a greater understanding of its concepts. Marc Prensky, a writer and speaker on learning and education, coined the term "digital native"in 2001. AN ARCHAIC SYSTEM OF EDUCATION? According to Marc Prensky, Digital Natives face problems in the current education system as a result of being brought up with the Internet and online technologies. Digital Natives are “no longer the people our educational system was designed to teach." - Marc Prensky Buzz! Tick..Tock... 4:00 Buzz! Vs. It was estimated in 2001 that college grads had spent 10,000 hours of their life playing video games and 20,000 hours watching TV. This averages out to about: 3 hours of playing video games Computer games, email, the Internet, cell phones and instant messaging are now an integral part of the lives of Digital Natives. Because of their interaction with media, Digital Natives process information and think differently than prior generations. 1 DAY 6 hours of watching As a result, some say that the current education system is ill-equipped to engage their fast-paced minds. TV .everyday, from the early age of 6. Because of this shift toward media-based learning, digital natives are well-poised to accept new forms of learning technology within the classroom. 1 DAY What is Mobile Learning? MOBILE LEARNING, according to one study is: "Any sort of learning that happens when the learner is not at a fixed, predetermined location, or learning that happens when the learner takes advantage of the learning opportunities offered by mobile technologies." HOW ARE DIGITAL NATIVES STAYING CONNECTED ONLINE AND WITH THEIR MOBILE DEVICES? App users have an average of 75% 93% 93%, 18 apps of teens ages 12-18 use a cellphone of adults age 18-29 of Americans age 12-29 are online XXXX on their mobile devices 81% Even adults are going mobile: 1 in 4 adults use mobile apps of adults ages 18-29 access the Internet wirelessly Mobile technology is an increasingly important tool for digital natives. Here is what they are doing with their mobiles devices: * Text Messaging 83% MMS 56% Pre-Installed Game 45% Ringtone Downloads 43% Instant Message 40% Mobile Internet 37% Screensaver Download 33% 32% Picture Download 29% 28% 26% Game and Software Download, Text Alert Email Video Messaging, Content Upload Music Download 23% 18% Mobile Video, Online Game 17% 16% Streaming Audio Location-based Service * Mobile Media Use by U.S. Teens, Mobile Users Ages 13-17 (2009) VOIP 5% THE EVOLUTION OF CLASSROOM TECHNOLOGY Mary had a little lamb its fleece And everywhere that Ma the lamb was suce to go. white as sno Classroom technology has come a long way since the invention of the chalkboard and pencil. Today, students are utilizing mobile technologies with devices such as the iPad. MAGIC LANTERN CHALKBOARD 1870 1890 OVERHEAD PROJECTOR 1930 STEREOSCOPE PENCIL 1900 RADIO 1905 1925 SCANTRON LANGUAGE LAB HEADSET 1950 EDUCATIONAL TELEVISION PLATO COMPUTER 1958 1972 1980 ..... GRAPHING CALCULATOR INTERACTIVE WHITEBOARD IPHONE IPAD 1985 1999 2007 2010 The iPad and SOCIAL MEDIA other mobile devices open up learning to the exciting and evolving world of social media and What? When? Where? How are you? Ewitter skype apps. Twitter has proven to be a great place for universities to grow a stronger academic community, as they tweet their ideas, events, tutoring opportunities, schedules, etc. Language classes are using Skype to open up face-to-face dialog with native speakers in their native countries. APPS Most importantly, these mobile learning platforms can easily be used both in and outside of formal educational settings. Thanks to mobile DICTIONARY.COM WORLD WIKI EVERNOTE GOOGLE EARTH Detailed global facts on over 200 countries technology, our current location can Notes and web All-purpose dictionary and thesaurus Mapping and geography tool media organizer always be transformed into a classroom. VO XY FLASH CARDS UNITS VOXY STANZA IFLASHCARDS Digital Flash Cards Excellent unit Notes and web Language learning on the go conversion tool media organizer Miss Spell's TED Class MISS SPELL'S CLASS TED MATH DRILLS LITE Helps you master basic math skills Host your own Access to presentations from award winning speakers spelling bee MOBILE LEARNING SUCCESS STORIES TWITTER IN THE ITALIAN CLASSROOM In one study, an Italian class was told to use Twitter to communicate with each other and native Italian speakers. The positive response was overwhelming: 90% agreed that posting tweets helped build their confidence in writing Italian agreed that Twitter made the course more interesting 79%% agreed that Twitter increased their motivation in learning Italian agreed that the tweets increased their knowledge of Italian grammar and 68% vocabulary, and that they put more time into the class than if they were in a regular class because of Twitter agreed that they learned more about Italian culture than if they 63% had been in another class, and that Twitter reduced their anxiety in learning Italian IPHONES IN THE ESL CLASSROOM One teacher, Jen Green, uses the iPhone to record her students and play the recording back to them. She has seen results in literally minutes. Her students also use their iPods to play letter games that help them learn how to read. "Within 15, 20 minutes, they fix [their problems]. Imean, the first reading ... you can't understand it at all, and then 15 minutes later you can." CAT! CTA? -Jen Green IPADS IN THE UNIVERSITY CLASSROOM In a study conducted by the University of Notre Dame, iPads replaced textbooks in an undergraduate Project Management course. The findings show that the greatest value of the iPad is its "capacity to function as a consolidator or aggregator of information". A majority of students felt the iPad: ?! Provides functions/tools not possible with a textbook Makes class more Encourages exploration of additional topics Helps students more effectively manage their time interesting SOURCES WIKIPEDIA.ORG, MARCPRENSKY.COM, PEWINTERNET.ORG, MASHABLE.COM, BLOG.NIELSEN.COM, VOXY NYTIMES.COM, BRIGHTHUB.COM, NEW.HJNEWS.COM, CHSS.MONTCLAIR.EDU, MOBILEARN.ORG, ND.EDU

Are We Wired for Mobile Learning?

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This Infographic poster is an excellent visual summary about m-learning (mobile learning) and the changing nature of our students as being “digital natives”. The poster will also inform you about ...




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