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Are Tablets Taking Over

In 2011, nearly 5 percent of all Internet traffic from global ARE TABLETS TAKING OVER? markets-including the U.S., UK, Japan, Australia, and Singapore-came from non-computer devices. Mobile phones are responsible for two-thirds of that traffic, but the remainder is attributed to tablets. While mobile may still be in the lead, tablets are gaining notable steam. Take a look below to leam about the phenomenal growth of tablets in the market. U.S. NON-COMPUTER DEVICE TRAFFIC IN 2011 OTHER 8% • 28% 64% TABLET MOBILE THE POPULAR CROWD First on the scene, Apple's iPad is dominating the current market. It accounts for the majority of all tablets sold, with more than 11 million users. Canaccord Genuity estimates the iPad's dominance will persist well past 2011, with no clear competttor yet to emerge. MARKET SHARE ESTIMATES O 2010 O 2011 2012 55% 63% 82% 0%1%2% AA MOTOROLA 0%1%2% 8% 10%11% SAMSUNG 0% 3% NOKIA Connecting People 0% 0%2%3% Һтс 0%2%3% G LG 0% 5% ASUS 5% 0% 6% 11% PC OEMS (DELL, 2% 3% 5% HP, LENOVO) 6%7% 8% OTHER KEEPING BUSY With a slew of activities at thetr fingerttps, users are qute active throughout the day. A survey by Business Insider lists the percentage of tme spent by users dotng varlous activities on their iPads: 1 WEB BROWSING 4 PLAYING GAMES 37% 10% 2010 2010 35% 12% 2011 2011 50% 50% 2 WATCHING VIDEO 5 USING OTHER APPS 12% 17% 2010 2010 12% 19% 2011 2011 50% 50% 3 USING EMAIL, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, AND/OR OTHER COMMUNICATION 24% 2010 22% 2011 50% COMMUNICATING One in three tablet users (35 percent) access email on their device daily, says comScore, while nearly a quarter engage in social networking. DAILY ACTIVITY Number of iPad users who perform these activittes nearly every day: 35% 22% 18% 21% INSTANT MESSAGING UPDATING STATUS/COMMENTING ON STATUSES SHARING PHOTOS/VIDEOS VVIA SOCIAL MEDIA/PHOTO SITES ACCESSING EMAIL 20% 16% 16% 45 percent of users indicated the selection of apps available for the tablet was a top factor in consideration of the purchase. BLOGGING SHARING LOCATION VIDEO CHATTING THE DEMOGRAPHICS In 2010, the tablet market was dominated by younger males with an above-average income. This is no longer the case, according to a new survey by Nielsen. FEMALE TABLET GROWTH USERS BY INCOME Almost half of all tablet owners earn $100,000 or more. Women are adopting tablets at a steady pace. Since 2010, the female tablet user rate has grown by 4 percent. 46% $100,000+ 42% 43% 16% $75,000-$100,000 39% 18% $50,000-$75,000 14% $25,000-$50,000 6% Less than $25,000 47 percent of users said cost was one of the considered QUARTER 3 2010 QUARTER 1 QUARTER 2 factors when purchasing a tablet. 2011 2011 USERS BY AGE While consumers ages 25-34 still control most of the tablet market, older U.S. adults are also quickly adopting the new device. 2010 2011 26% 23% 22% 19% 18% 17% 15% 13% 13% 13% 11% 10% AGE 13-17 AGE 18-24 AGE 25-34 AGE 35-44 AGE 45-54 AGE 55+ While tablets may have only penetrated a small percentage of the U.S. market so far, they are poised to become a significant platform in the near future, especially as competing brands expand abilities at lower price points. SOURCES: BUSINESSINSIDER.COM, TECHFORTUNE.CNN.COM, BLOG.NIELSEN.COM COMSCORE.COM litmus

Are Tablets Taking Over

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