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Are Tablet Buyers Taking Over Ecommerce?

ARE TABLET BUYERS TAKING OVER ECOMMERCE? It's easy to dismiss tablet computers as a passing fad, used only by hobbyists with time and money on their hands. But in reality, tablets are sweeping the nation-and, in many ways, totally re-inventing ecommerce. Here's how the iPad has changed the way retailers think about the online shopping experience. EXPLODING TABLET USAGE ACROSS THE U.S. According to Forrester Research: 60% 48% 43% 12% "Tablet users in the U.S. are estimated to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 51 percent from 2010 to 2015." 12 percent of the total, Internet-using US. population already 60 percent of tablet 48 percent are 18-34 years old. 43 percent have users are males. household incomes of $50,000 or more. owns or uses a tablet PEOPLE ARE INCREASINGLY USING TABLETS FOR "PRE-SALE" ACTIVITIES Consumers aren't just using tablets for immediate purchase. They're also conducting "pre-sale" activities (such as product reviews or price checks) from their tablets, as shown below: At least once in the last month Almost every day in the last month 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% Looked up product/price 56% info for a specific store 17% 54% Read customer ratings/ reviews for an item 14% 51% Compared product/ price information 17% 51% Searched for a nearby store 16% 47% Created a shopping list 15% 46% Checked a store's inventory for item availability 15% 43% Shared product recommendation 14% CONVERSION RATES ARE HIGHER WITH TABLET BUYERS THAN DESKTOP Though tablet shoppers still drive a small percentage of overall ecommerce, they convert more frequently than desktop shoppers. According to the Wall Street Journal: TABLET CONVERSION RATE "Tablet owners tend to be wealthier, which gives retailers a self-selected audience of their best customers. Macy's, teen retailer Abercrombie & Fitch Co. 1% 2% 3% 4% 5% 6% and Gap Inc. all say they are seeing the highest percentage of conversions from shoppers using tablets." DESKTOP CONVERSION RATE CONSUMERS ARE SHOPPING WITH TABLETS MORE OFTEN THAN MOBILE PHONES As of March 2011, tablet users were browsing and buying more often than mobile phone users: Tablet Smartphone 30% 25% 24% 25% 19% 19% 20% 17% 16% 15% 15% 12% 11% 10% 10% 10% 7% 6% Once a month Less than four times per year Daily Weekly Several times Four times a Never a month year or more Tablet users are also more likely to have made multiple recent purchases: 12% 22% 15% 39% 12% 10 10+ PURCHASES 36% 18% 30% 9% 7% HOW RETAILERS CAN CONVERT TABLET BROWSERS TO TABLET BUYERS What this data shows is that tablet computing is not just a peculiar fad, but a growing segment of shoppers with unique needs, habits, and psychology. Retailers can close more sales by proactively tailoring the shopping process to this segment: FREE! Aa Use browser detection Make the checkout process Have an "Pad-friendly" version of your site (larger fonts, no Flash, etc.) that IPad visitors are automatically directed to. Encourage shoppers to buy apps or other tablet-specific content (newsletters, games, etc.) before buying your flagship products or services. Test different versions. Remember tablet shoppers behave differently than desktop shoppers. Try different messaging. promotions, navigation, layouts, and offers to to show your IPad traffic a "Special Offer For Tablet Visitors" page. more finger-friendly by replacing rollover menus with gesture-based ones. maximize conversion. The alternative is leaving your current desktop-based shopping system unchanged and simply hoping it converts the burgeoning wave of unique tablet buyers at an optimal rate. SOURCES: FORRESTER I ONLINE PUBLISHING ASSOCIATION I COMSCORE I COFFEETABLE I WALL STREET JOURNAL monetate

Are Tablet Buyers Taking Over Ecommerce?

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It's easy to dismiss tablet computers as a passing fad, used only by the hobbyists with time and money on their hands. But in reality, tablets are sweeping the nation — and, in many ways, totally re...


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