Are External Services Slowing You Down?

Are external services slowing you down? SOMETIMES YOUR APP IS SLOW AND IT ISN'T YOUR FAULT. WE SAMPLED API SPEEDS FROM COMMON SERVICES ACROSS OUR 200,000+ CUSTOMER APPLICATIONS The winner of our performance award for FASTEST API goes to... Úramazon webservices twitter facebook. Fastest! PayPal Response Time: Response Time: Response Time: Response Time: 832ms 432ms 918ms 1,788ms Uptime Uptime (7 day window): 99.86% Uptime (7 day window): 99.95% (7 day window): 99.65% Uptime (7 day window): 99.56% These are the top 4 APIS consumed by our customers. Sampled over a one week period in November 2011. Managing your own APIS? Here's some tips: 1. SET RATE LIMITS AND QUOTAS. *** There are always performance hogs. Don't let one consumer spoil it for everyone else. 2. DELIVER APIS IN THE FORMAT YOUR PARTNERS WANT. Whether REST, SOAP, XML or JSON, make sure you map them to your partner's needs. 3. MAKE AUTHORIZATION AS SAFE AND EASY AS POSSIBLE. APIS are like giving keys to the castle. Be sure to use modern mechanisms for authentication. Sources: and Amazon API is the S3 AWS API New Relic

Are External Services Slowing You Down?

shared by kcatoto on Jan 24
Did you know that New Relic’s App Map feature can display all of the external services and third-party APIs used within your application? This information is invaluable as more and more applications...


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