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Are Cloud Apps Accelerating an IAM Evolution?

ARE CLOUD APPS ACCELERATING AN IAM EVOLUTION? According to the report, The Growing Cloud Identity Crisis: A Detailed Survey Report on Cloud-Based Solutions for IAM and SSo, the Identity and Access Management (IAM) market may have already reached maturity, but the continued adoption of cloud-based applications is asking new questions of established security protocols and causing companies to reconsider how they should protect remotely hosted assets. EXPANDING PORTFOLIOS NUMBER OF HOSTED APPLICATIONS BY COMPANY SIZE: ENTERPRISE MIDSIZE SMALL 13% 32% 5% >20 apps >20 apps >20 apps 34% 31% 22% 11-15 apps 11-15 apps 11-15 apps 26% 29% 42% 6-10 apps 6-10 apps 6-10 apps TOP CHALLENGES TO PRESERVING MOST IN-DEMAND SECURE ACCESS TO CLOUD: CLOUD APP ACCESS: (in order of importance) (in order of importance) PREVENTING BREACHES STRONG AUTHENTICATION ASSIGNING ACCESS TO USERS PASSWORD MANAGER ENFORCING PASSWORD POLICY EASY PROVISIONING When restricted to a slngle cholce, however, managIng complilance Is 2nd only to preventing breaches TURNING TIDES 48% 30% of companles already have an IAM solution Installed of companles plan to test, evaluate or 0 deploy a new IAM solutlon withIn 6 months HOW WILL POTENTIAL IAM SOLUTIONS BE JUDGED? Technology strength and reputatlon, device-agnostic support and pollcy enforcement will be key. For many companles, prlvate cloud support Is actually more valuable than public cloud support. Vendor trust and price polnt are the most powerful purchase drivers. IS SINGLE SIGN-ON THE ANSWER? 63% 93% of companles who have Implemented SSO are satlsfled with the protocol of companles that have or wll 15% deploy SSO within 6 months of companles that will evaluate Its potentlal Companles managIng more than 15 cloud apps are nearly twlce as llkely to employ SSO as those managlng fewer than 10 cloud apps >15 apps <10 apps ++++++I+HH +++> Number of companles that use SSO TM Cloud Entr by Gemalto

Are Cloud Apps Accelerating an IAM Evolution?

shared by scotttrue on Jun 09
Moving to the cloud is a key IT strategy for reducing costs, promoting mobility, and offering a better delivery model to customers. But the cloud also brings new security risks, and with them a need f...


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