Application Developers Alliance: 9 Components of Today's Developers

9 COMPONENTS OF TODAY'S DEVELOPERS I Every developer is different. But just like hardware, developers share many components in common. Which features define today's developer? The Application Developers Alliance conducted a global survey to find out. POLYGLOT SELF RELIANT OPEN SOURCE 88% 10,0101 of developers have used more than one programming language in the past year. 83% use independent forums and search engines to find help. 75% use open-source software. TEAM PLAYERS BALANCED EMPLOYED 74% work in teams. Of these, 85% work in teams with fewer than 15 developers. 71% work on business apps and 71% on consumer apps. 70% 오오오 오일 도 work in enterprises, with 45% in companies with more than 100 employees. 999999 EXPERIENCED 오오오 오오오 , ENTHUSIASTIC KEEN TO STAY CURRENT 68% have five or more years of experience in development. 66% are excited about emerging platforms such as wearables or robotics. 57% are challenged to keep up with new tools and technologies. The Application Developers Alliance is a non-profit global membership organization that supports developers s creators, innovators and entrepreneurs. The Global Developer Insights Survey, presented by the Application Developers Alliance in partnership with International Data Corporation (IDC), survayed 855 developers from all over the world. For the complete report, join the Application Developers Alliance at Application Developers Alliance wogr8

Application Developers Alliance: 9 Components of Today's Developers

shared by infogr8 on Sep 15
An explanation of the main common traits of today's developer


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