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Apple appears to be promoting its own apps

Apple Appears To Be Promoting Its Own Apps Apple seems to be using the Top Charts section of its iPhone App Store to promote its own applications by listing apps like Numbers, Keynote, Pages, iMovie and iTunes U, in higher positions than they would normally rank. Facebook Messenger is still at the top of the App Store, followed by newcomer Acapella from PicPlayPost, then and You Tube then. Desktop version of the store iPhone 6s version of the App Store A game called Twist is ranked higher than Instagram and Snapchat. Twist shows up immediately after those two applications Instagram and Snapchat. Interesting fact is that Top Free Charts listings seem to vary from device to device. iPhone 5s iPhone 6s iMovie ranked as the No. 3 Free app, but iMovie ranked as the No. 6 on the 5s Pages was No. 7 Numbers was No. 10 Numbers was No. 9 → iTunes U was No. 13 →iTunes U was No. 11 iPhone 5s (iOS 9.1): 2 AM so oe ATAT 1:10 AM 7 c ATAT 1110 AM 11 AM Categories Top Charts Categories Top Charts Categories Top Charts Categories Top Charts Paid Paid Sensor Tower Twist Games OET iTunes U Edtion Messenger UPDATE 11 16 Navigation UPDATE first tested the Social Natwo. Acapela from 1. ayPost App Store on Mabile Strike Netfi 17 NETFLIX Enertainment ....aS Pages 12 GET OPEN Games T Music several Pandora - Free Music ARadio Pinterest 18 O Sacial Network. Movie wtagram ete Ve UPDATE UPDATE Phetevide Msie phones ... e Numbers Productivity YouTube Piaduel Google GET running the UPDATE 19 OPEN hate&de Games *.. latest version Layout from Facebook Social t Snapchat ate & Vide Spotify Music Music Instagram PhotoVde 10 GET GET of iOS (9.1), ...* S and has also Fetred t Chrt iPhone 6s (iOS 9.1): now tested 0o T-Mobile Wi-Fi 12/11 PM 18 100% ce T-Mobile W- 12:11 PM * 100N + T-Mobile Wi-Fi 12:11 PM Categories this on an Top Charts Categories Top Charts Categories Top Charts iPhone 6 and Paid Free Paid Free Tep Grossing Paid Top Grossing Me tatrking iPad mini, and ITunes U Instagram Photo & Videe OPEN OPEN 13 OPEN Education encountered Acapella from PicPlayPost GET Mobile Strike Snapchat OPEN GET 14 the same Games Photo Videe Movie Phota & Video discrepancies. "OPEN Twist Pixduel "GET 15 "GET Games Games 4701 Youใube 4 "OPEN Pandora - Free Music & Radio Numbers ll Productivity Photo & Video 10 OPEN 16 OPEN Masic .....107 Facebook Social Netwerking "OPEN Spotity Music Keynote Productivity 11 OPEN 17 "OPEN Pages GarageBand 6 Nettlix 18 NETFLIX Entertainment Productivity 12 *OPEN 10 Top Charte Explore Search Explere Featured Teo Charts Search Mac OS X (EI Capitan) desktop: My Aces My Phore Aces My Pad Aces Updates Aco Store Top Free iPhone Apps p Gng AICutegories P P 1. Messenger 2. Acapela hom 2. Sapchat es U 11. Padu 4. Facbook Se tng 9Moe e 10. Panda Fme Muni STist 4. stagran Photoa Ganes M "Get NETFLIX 12. Google Ma 22. Da ng Cussie V. Latm 18. U e 20. Smaaty Rad Warted 12. tty Ma 14. Natta 19. Peturat Ngn Ertetart Becatong nagan Design our O Games Games However, Sensor Tower found that an iPhone running an older version of the iOS software (8.3) didn't have the same problem as the other devices. Reference: charts/ charts-iphone%E2%80%99s-app-store

Apple appears to be promoting its own apps

shared by amysmithdublin on Jan 10
If we have a tendency to take a glance at the iPhone’s app store, it's like Apple is victimisation the highest Charts section of the iPhone’s app store to push its own applications by listing the ...


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