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App Optimization for iOS 7

App optimization for OS 7 Why Do You Need to Optimize Your Apps for i0S 7? To incorporate the new flat design and updated color schemes To retain your existing customer To make the base most of the new features in Apple's latest devices To integrate APIS for AirDrop, multitasking, games and camera, and other new APIS To redefine app interfaces with greater clarity, translucency and depth 200 million iOS users have already upgraded to i0S 7 Statistics reveal that out of 80,000+ apps which were indexed, over 5500 have at least one mention of iOS 7 in their reviews. iOS 7 iOS 7 3.56 2.81 The average star rating is 3.56. But, for apps with reviews that mention iOS 7, the star rating is 2.81. Popular apps that were affected by delays in updating to iOS 7: Skype WhatsApp Messenger Skype's average star rating went down by 1.45 stars for every review that mentioned iOS 7. WhatsApp's average star rating fell by 1.7 stars for every review that mentioned iOS 7. What Are the Opportunities i0S 7 Presents? Automatic App Updates iTunes Match Store all your music in the cloud with iTunes Match. Learn more... AUTOMATIC DOWNLOADS O Music A Apps A Updates Automatically download new purchases (including free) made on other devices. With the automatic app update feature, the majority of your users will have the latest version of your app. This will also help you work on bug fixes, and release updates more often, based on user reviews and feedback. Popular Near Me Popular Near Me XXXXXX www ...... FREE XXXXXX ww FREE XXXXXX FREE XXXXXX FREE The new Popular Near Me algorithm helps users find apps that are popular in their geographic area, by amplifying the reach of location-specific apps that have high rankings. This feature enhances your app's visibility, and also opens up new avenues for cross promotion. New Kids Category The new Kids Category makes it easy to target users of a specific age range. As this is an auxiliary category, an app can be listed in this category and in another. Categories Kids All Kids XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXKKX KKXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX X XXX XKXX XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXKK KKKKXXXXXX KKKXXXXXX Browse by Collection Wish List AT&T 1:25 PM 56% D Edit Wish List Done XXXXXXXX XXXXXXX ***** ХXXXXXXX XXXXXXX ****** The new Wish List feature lets users save your app on their Wish List and download it later, when a Wi-Fi connection is available, or when they are ready to pay for the app. It is a way to encourage them to come back to download paid apps, in case they don't do so right away. The gift button lets users share your app with their friends, thereby helping you get more downloads. Increased Cellular Download Limit This item is over 100MB. XXXXX XXXX will not download until you connect to Wi-Fi. The for downloads e cap over-the-air has been increased from 50MB to 10OMB. Cancel OK app As the barrier of entry to downloading has been lowered, advertisers with large apps will see an increase in conversion rates and decrease in costs. . AT&T 1:25 PM 56% Categories Top Charts Paid Free Top Grossing App Store Changes XXXXXX XXXX XKXX + $0.99 XXXXX XXXXXXX ***** (000) The vertical scrolling format for listings is back, increasing your app's chances of being found. More apps are displayed in the 'featured section and Top Charts, app icons and screenshots are now larger, and the app rating and rating count are displayed, providing users with better App Store search usability. XXXXXX XXXX XXX + $6.99 XXXXX XXXXXXX ***** (000) XXXXXX XXXX XXXX + $1.99 XXXXX ***** (000) + $2.99 XXXXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXXXXX ***** (000) Featured Top Charts Near Me Search Updates READERS 2013 WINNER CHOICE Conceptualized & Designed by di Sources: "Make Your Apps Discoverable" VB Best Mobile App Marketing Agency Impact of Not Optimizing for i0S 7

App Optimization for iOS 7

shared by dotcominfoway on Nov 26
The infographic "App Optimization for iOS 7" provides hands on tips for developers about the new iOS 7 features and tools available.


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