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App Marketing Calendar 2016

APP 2016 MARKETING CALENDAR 3. 3 TOP APP MARKETING RESOLUTIONS FOR 2016 Expand social reach Foster organic growth Use data to drive strategy To keep up to these resolutions, you need to have a marketing calendar in place. A marketing calendar is a detailed roadmap that outlines: Xa Marketing Strategies Ox & Channels Marketing Target Costs Involved JANUARY DEFINE YOUR MOBILE AUDIENCE Identify your target audience based on key demographics. Once you know who they are, where they are and what makes them tick, you can develop a smart strategy to reach them. USER SEGMENTATION BASED ON Geography Lifestyle Behaviour Usage Rates FEBRUARY BUILD A ROBUST ASO PLAN It all starts with a smart App Store Optimisation (ASO) strategy. ASO precedes-and-includes any marketing activity you can possibly think of. METRICS THAT MATTER More than 50% of users are finding apps via app store search Keyword Ranking App Installs MARCH GET USER RATINGS AND REVIEWS Your app is in user's hands (for a while). It's time you prompt them to rate and review your app. Use positive reviews to grow your app and negative ones to set the wrongs right. METRICS THAT MATTER 72% users agree that positive customer reviews increase their trust Conversion Rate User User Ratings Reviews in a business APRIL BUILD YOUR SOCIAL PRESENCE A robust social presence helps you to stay in touch with your customers and build brand awareness. Pick 2-3 social platforms that work best for your business. METRICS THAT MATTER 43% of consumers are Fans/ Followers more likely to buy a new product via social media Social Likes Shares Comments MAY CREATE ONGOING FEEDBACK PROCESS Integrating tight implicit feedback loops in your app will help you listen to your users, and respond better to further optimise your app and improve the user experience. 96% For every 4% of unhappy customers who care to PERCENT IMPROVEMENT IN complain, there are 96% who remain Session Length Screenflow & Interval Retention Rate silent JUNE ENGAGE WITH PUSH NOTIFICATIONS Done right, push notification is an achingly powerful marketing tool that increases retention, boosts engagement and brings back users to unfinished shopping carts. 3x METRICS THAT MATTER Push notifications create 3Xm engagement more Abandonment Rate App Revenue JULY PUSH IT TO APP REVIEW SITES Getting experts' reviews and recommendations on your app not only increases its visibility but also builds up its credibility among target audience. METRICS THAT MATTER Featured Reviews AUGUST FOSTER ORGANIC GROWTH Translate your marketing plan into content buckets - e-mailers, blogs, social posts, infographics, PR, AVs and other collaterals. Figure out who's responsible for what. METRICS THAT MATTER B2B brands with a blog generate 65% more leads than their non-blogging counterparts Unique Visitors SEPTEΜBER INVEST IN PAID ADVERTISING Paid campaigns enable marketers to cut through the clutter and take a more targeted approach to promoting their apps across multiple channels. $100 METRICS THAT MATTER Mobile ad spend is expected to top $100 billion App Installs Conversion Rate worldwide in 2016 ОСТОВER SEND E-MAILERS The great thing about e-mailers is that they can be deployed through various stages of app user lifecycle, right from app discovery to 4000% the moment the user turns into an evangelist. METRICS THAT MATTER Boasting 4000% ROI. e-mailer is the most cost effective Оpen Rate Click-Through Rate marketing tool NOVEMBER BOOST REFERRALS Trends may come and go but word of mouth marketing is something that will never go out of fashion. Incentivise key customers and influencers to unlock referrals for your business. METRICS THAT MATTER Referral Percentage Аpp Installs People are 4 more likely to buy when referred by a friend DECEMBER MEASURE YOUR APP'S PERFORMANCE Reserve the last month of the year for measuring your progress against the set benchmarks. QUESTIONS THAT MATTER How can you improvise next year? How close are Which activities Did the worked best? budget sufficed? you to your goals? You might not have achieved what you aspired for, but if you stay persistent in your efforts, you'll get there. By the end of the year, you would already have the marketing insights into what works and what doesn't. Deploy those to improve your campaign next year. Sources: TC TechCrunch Inielsen Localytics Financial e WebDAM eMarketer. REGALIX Training Services UNHAPPY CUSTOMERS CUSTOMER s

App Marketing Calendar 2016

shared by KritiVerma on Feb 24
2016 App Marketing Calendar - Read month-wise marketing technique that needs to be applied to promote an app.




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