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API Server

BECOME API FIRST: CONNECT BUSINESS, MOBILE, CLOUD APIS are how business services are delivered today. The API assembles the back-end capabilities to deliver new business services and enable Cloud and Mobile applications. For all of these integrations, the API is the application. Adopt an API First approach designing the APl which will be used to expose the backend application. Cover your aaS-Cloud Security "for Saas, Paas and laas. Cloud Security is often treated as a single topic, but in practice it differs widely between Saas (such as Google Apps), PaaS (such as Amazon's S3 storage as a service) and laaS (such as Verizon Terramark and VMware vCloud).**** MOBILE Mobile App Development projects .for. smartphones and-tablets to outnumber PC projects 4-to-1 by 2015 CLOUD Mobile data traffic will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 78% from 2011 to 2016 * Cloud applications to account for 71% of mobile data traffic in 2016* Your Own Device) drives need for BYOD APIS with Mobile data. 'Bollocks' is the B in BYOD. BYOD is all about enabling access to data using APIS. Make data available through APIS, not on devices. You can manage and control data usage via identity management with APIS. *** At YEI6, more than 50% of Global 1000 companies will have stored customer-sensitive data in the public cloud. ** Paas >Protect against rogue Cloud Usage >Protect your API Keys**** laas Protect private data before Saas Don't-replicate your- organization in the Cloud sending to >Prófèct your APHKeys Cloud >Maintain audit trail >Protect your API Keys THE GIANTS MAPIS. SERVER API Server is key to an API First strategy. An API First model makes it easy to run enterprise apps as mobile apps. Mobile applications use REST and JSON mobile APIS to access enterprise data and services. Cloud-based services rely on APIS to integrate with on-premise applications and business processes. Business partners require APIS to exchange data and execute transactions. API API API An API SERVER is a unified operating platform for managing, delivering, and securing APIS. It provides the following services for API operations: > API Transformation > API Control & Governance > API Security > API Monitoring > API Development Lifecycle > API Administration BILLION. DAILY CALLS FOR FACEBOOK'S APIS. $68.6 13 14 BILLION GOODS SOLD ANNUALLY ON EBAY AND EACH TRANSACTION IS MANAGED BY ONE OR MORE EBAY APII.. APIS. BILLION. DAILY CALLS FOR TWITTER'S APIS. 25% ENTERPRISE INFRASTRUCTURE TODAY 50% Enterprises using APIS to integrate new channels Enterprises using APIS to roll out mobile apps. Enterprise infrastructure typically uses proprietary connectors, nof optimized for APIS. An API Server layer is required to expose REST and JSON interfaces in front of a back-end enterprise infrastructure. This enables architects to adopt the API First design approach to overcome being trapped in a world of legacy systems. WHAT THE BOARD IS DEMANDING FOR TOMORROW CTOS, CIOS, IT directors, application managers and other IT leaders increasingly need to . integrate applications, processes and data that span A2A, B2B and cloud services. By 2016, 50% of new integration projects will involve on-premises applications, e-commerce trading partners and cloud services." 20% of IT organizations in growth enterprises will set a goal of increasing grow-and transform IT spending to 50% of their API MANAGEMENT annual expenditures by 2016**** SOCIAL MEDIA CLOUD XML SOA VIRTUALIZATION MOBILE மnம் 2002 2005 200 200 204 LAUNCHED IST API SERVER T GATEWAY SUPPORT REST XLERNCHED M GATEWAY ABOUT VORDEL Verdel's products enable enterprises to deliver APis to Cloud, mobile, and partners. The Vordel API Server is a unified API operating platform to deliver business services rapidly, consistently and securely. To learn more and obtain a tree evaluation of Vordel's products, ga to: and follow ut on twitter, Linkedin and our Blogs. SOURCES Loraine Lawson: Published June 5, 2012 Published: 10 November 2011. -- Vordel Survey Finds Hall of Enterprises Are Adopting APls to Build Out New Business Channels - Beston. MA - May 22, 2012 company/ni Saas, Paas, and laaS: A /press 22.05 12htmi -- BYOD re paas-and-iaas-a-securily checklist-for-cloud-models *** htp://cloud your aas security Cisco Visual Networking Inder: Global Mobile Data Trafic Forecast Update, 2011-2016 - February 14th 2012 " Gartner: Summary Report fer Gartner's Top Predictions for IT Organizations and Users, 2012 and Beyond: Control Sips Away - 29th November 2011 * Gartner: Predicts 2012. Application Integration Will lecrease in Scape and Complexity Bvordel reguired for retention? Bellocks! for cloud models - By Mark O'Nel - January 31, 2010 on MAY 30, 2012 VORDEL DEFINES EWAY LAUNCAL JANC VIRIVAPPLI SOA GATEWAY

API Server

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APIs are how business services are delivered today. The API assembles the back-end capabilities to deliver new business services and enable Cloud & Mobile applications. For all of these integrations, ...


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