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Apadmi - The Best Tech of 2015

ТЕCH ΤΙMELINE 2015 + 00 2015 has been an exciting year for tech! As the year comes to a close, the team here at Apadmi have reviewed some of the year's most inventive and innovative tech, much of which has helped to shape the tech landscape as we move into 2016. KEY SECTORS Entertainment Retail Finance Transport Wearable Fashion News Social PEBBLΕ ΤΙME The Pebble Time watch started off a a secondary project to the Pebble watch, but was equally as successful on crowd-funding platform Kickstarter. The Pebble Time watch shattered records this 24TH FEBRUARY year when it received $20.3 million in pledges. "We are building something that's fun, a little bit more colourful. It's affordable. At the core, it's just a different type of watch." CEO Eric Migicovsky Kickstarter total: O000000000 $20.3 million 0000000000. PERISCOPE Periscope is a live streaming video platform, which syncs up perfectly with Twitter. It allows you to broadcast to the entire Twitter community easily from the mobile app. 26TH MARCH "We want Periscope to be a platform for truth. It's unfiltered, it's unedited, it's unfettered, and you know it's happening right now." CEO Kayvon Beykpour Cost: App Store rating: O free DJI PHΑΝΤΟΜ 3 24TH FEBRUARY Drones were particularly big in 2015, and the DJI Phantom 3 is a top of the range option available for consumers. You can even film a live HD view soaring from the skies, and see what the birds see. Originally made to go with GoPro, DJI have recently been investing in their own camera to be released with the Phantom 3 drone. Price: £899 EO GO SO EO HO SO UBER CHOPPER Uber have revolutionised the way that taxis work by creating their app, and now they've got their sights set on the high-end market too. UberChopper has recently been featured at high-class events such as the Cannes Film Festival and the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. They've also been used by super-elite heiress Paris Hilton. 14Τ ΜΑY It costs £400 per person per trip to get an UberChopper, so best off saving this one for a special occasion. Trialled in: 12 countries AMAZON ECHO 23RD JUNE Hands free, wireless speaker that allows you to voice search for various audio services such as music, radio and news. It runs a sound-controlled artificial intelligence helper called Alexa, that adapts to your voice and preferences the more you use it. Although designed to repeat spoken word, Alexa will not swear - although it's a true sign of Al that she will repeat a sentence with the bad word beeped out. Child friendly! Size: 10 inches tall 2.5 inch woofer OPERATING SYSTEMS: MOBILE 11 16TH SEPTEMBER 5TH OCTОВЕR io9 MARSHMALLOW MAIN FEATURES MAIN FEATURES • Return of the Do Not Disturb shortcut for turning alerts • New way to access app and contact, shortcuts based on usage and popularity • Live photos records before and after taking - great for events and stunning landscapes • Native software support for fingerprint scanners • Google Now On-Tap is an even better search tool, and even works inside an app • MailDrop is a feature that allows you to store a large download file in iCloud and sends a link to the • For improved battery life there is Doze, the new and improved sleep state receiver - completely automatically. • Introduce Apple News in the UK • The Permissions section allows you to choose and deny certain apps access to contacts and calendars OPERATING SYSTEMS: DESKTOP Microsoft Edge 29TH JULY 30ΤΗ SEΡΤEΜBER EL CAPITAN WINDOWS 10 MAIN FEATURES MAIN FEATURES • View your notification by most recent • Improved security • A new browser • iCloud offers better end-to-end encryption and faster syncing • Voice activated intelligent assistant Cortana • You can use two apps at once • Runs on Windows phones as well as PCs and desktops • Received native support for content blocking, allowing developers to block website components (such as advertisements) without JavaScript injection. • Rotating 3D cube animated interface AMAZON PRIME NOW Amazon Prime Now was originally released in the UK as a London-exclusive product but has now expanded to parts of the North, offering customers the chance to get their shopping in an hour or less, exclusively for Amazon Prime users with a minimum spend of £20. 25TH JUNE PrimenW SKIP THE TRIP. ONE-HOUR DELIVERY. WATCH THE VOeO Amazon have recently revealed a one hour alcohol delivery service in Manhattan, New York. Minimum order: One hour delivery cost: £20 EO £6.99 O APPLE PAY Apple pay is a mobile payment service that allows consumers to make payments with their Apple device. It's a safe and secure way of accessing a digital wallet, and for paying in-store. 14TH JULY Pay Your wallet. Without the wallet, "2015 will be the year of Apple Pay." CEO Tim Cook Supported by: Accepted at: 2,500 700,000 banks locations in UK and USA TESLA MODEL X Tesla model X looks like the car from the 29TH SEPTEMBER future, with Falcon Wing doors and the largest panoramic windshield in production. It's also electric, and uses radar and sonar technology. The Tesla model X is rated the safest SUV in history, the only SUV to have achieved 5 stars in every category from the NHTSA. Acceleration of 0-60 in: 3.2 seconds FALLOUT 4 The open world action role-playing video fame developed for PlayStation4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. The game made $750million in 24 hours on launch day, making it the best selling game on a launch day all year. 10TH NOVEMBER Fall Out 4 marks a new approach to lighting for this series. It uses dynamic weather and changing day/night cycles to create exciting and varied scenes. IGN rating: Cost: ☆☆W☆☆ £44.99 1O- SAMSUNG VR HEADSET The Samsung Gear VR headset is one of the first consumer VR systems. Compatible with your Samsung Gear phone, the VR was released at a relatively low price for consumers. With a light but sturdy headset and some awesome games, the Samsung Gear VRT headset is the best virtual reality gadget you can buy on the market right now. 20TH NOVEMBER "We see virtual reality as the next computing platform, and we are thrilled to partner with Oculus on Gear VR to set the standard for mobile VR and bring this revolutionary product to consumers." CEO JK Shin Average cost: £100 HO FUTURECRAFT 3D Sports giant Adidas is paving the way for 3D printed, environmentally-friendly shoes. Made from eco friendly materials, such as recycled polyester and discarded plastic gill net recovered from the sea, the Futurecraft 3D shoes offer the support and comfort needed of an athletic shoe. 8TH DECEMBER [CONCEPT] In addition to the shoes, Adidas are also eliminating plastic bags from its stores and removing the use of plastic microbes in their body care products. Other features: Sole customisable to your exact foot shape Do you agree with our choice of tech? What would you have included instead? Let us know on social media at #apadmitech 15 APADMI. The UK's leading mobile app developer

Apadmi - The Best Tech of 2015

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We looked at the top tech of 2015, the developments that shook things up and got people talking. From VR to Apple Pay, from Fallout 4 to the Tesla Model X - what really changed the world in 2015? ...




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