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Annual Reductions in US Electricity

POTENTIAL ENERGY CONSUMPTION AND CARBON EMISSIONS THE "SMART GRID" IS AN ELECTRIC SYSTEM that includes information and communications technologies to turn the traditional "one- way" grid into a more dynamic "two-way" system. The point is to improve the way electricity gets distributed and used across REDUCTION FROM SMART GRID DEPLOYMENT IN RESIDENTIAL the entire power grid, from where power is generated to our homes, and back again. A smart grid lets power companies and consumers see more about how power is being used-in near-real time. With that kind of information, the power company can AND SMALL/MEDIUM COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS (in 2030) better match supply to the demand, to increase efficiency, and consumers can make more informed decisions about when and how they use energy. For example someone could run appliances at times when demand is low and pay less on their electric bill. ANNUAL REDUCTIONS IN U.S. ELECTRICITY The implementation of the smart grid is generally thought to have the potential to significantly cut energy usage and waste. A recent study looked at exactly how beneficial a smart grid could be if we implemented it by 2030. ENERGY CARBON EMISSIONS Reducti in U.S. Energy ction Carbon Emissions SAVINGS S. MECHANISMS o KWH/YEAR (assuming $0.088/kwh) METRIC TONS/YEAR Smart-meter feedback and demand response-enabled conservation 3 155,000,000,000 $13,640,000,000 3 92,000,000 More efficient performance of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning and lighting 3 152,000,000,000 $13,376,000,000 3 90,000,000 Increased efficiency due to better measurement and verification 59,000,000,000 $5,192,000,00o 35,000,000 Reduced fuel and emissions from load shifting to more efficient power plants 0.04 2,000,000,000 $176,000,000 0.03 1,000,000 Reduced fuel and emissions from smart-charging-enabled electric vehicles 3 139,000,000,000 $12,232,000,000 3 82,000,000 Optimizing voltage distribution for reduced losses and end-use consumption 99,000,000,000 $8,712,000,00O 59,000,000 Ability to support solar and wind generation $88,000,000 1,000,000 0.02 1,000,000,000 0.02 TOTAL 12.06 607,000,000,000 $53,416,000,000 12.05 360,000,000 A COLLABORATION BETWEEN GOOD AND OLIVER MUNDAY SOURCE: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory IN PARTNERSHIP WITH KM

Annual Reductions in US Electricity

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What is a Smart Grid and how much good would it do to reduce energy consumption? Find out the details of how a Smart Grid works and how it could help to make our world greener.



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