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The Amazing Journey of Data to the Cloud

THE EVOLUTION HOW DATA FOUND A HOME IN THE TO THE CLOUD iCloud After 150 years of innovation on separate tracks, data DATA CLOUD communications and data management have come together in the cloud. Thanks to this history-making MANAGEMENT DATA 2011 convergence, businesses can now create, store, manage, and work with data in one place, on one platform-in real-time, COMMUNICATION TOGETHER AT LAST! Google Apps box all the time, with access from anywhere on the planet. Cloud Wars Legacy on-premises systems and offline databases vainly struggle to stay relevant 2005 Social Networking Eats the Web 2004 Facebook launched: will surpass email usage in 5 short years 2000 Bust Oops! Wikipedia Crowdsourcing of data prevails, makes the encyclopedia obsolete 2001 Cloud-Based Data Management Systems Debut of on-demand "SaaS" business applications founded in San Francisco apartment 1999 т www The Internet as Business Tool World Wide Web Tim Berners-Lee develops Hyper Text Markup Language Pizza Hut offers online ordering via its Web site 1994 1996 Advent of commercial email, file sharing, data transfer, and online advertising Netscape issues IPO in August 1995, valuation of $2 billion कती 1990 First Data Warehouse integrated with customer management system First Email Sent Message: "QWERTYUIOP" By 2010, 2.8 million emails are sent every second 1971 1982 The Desktop PC TIME Magazine names the computer "Person of the Year" Fax Machine 1970 Big Business Adopts Mainframe Computers Computers come into general business use along with commercial database systems Japan leads adoption with 93 fax machines per 1,000 people TIME 1960 Telephone 1878 BROADCAST ERA Magnetic Tape Invented First used for data storage in 1951's UNIVAC I First successful telephone transmission 1928 First operators called by whistling into phone First Mechanical Computer Charles Babbage invents the "difference engine" Electricity won't be invented for 58 more years Transcontinental Telegraph 1861 1821 Atlantic-Pacific telegraph debuts FRI SAT RIP Short-lived Pony Express closes 2 days later 1860 - 1861

The Amazing Journey of Data to the Cloud

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150 years ago, the first transcontinental telegraph was sent, forever transforming how data was communicated. This shift away from physical delivery began the data revolution, claiming the Pony Expres...






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