Agricultural Productivity Gap: The Opportunity for Mobile

AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTIVITY GAP: Farmers in developing countries are less THE OPPORTUNITY FOR MOBILE productive than their peers in developed markets. One of the reasons for this is their lack of access to critical information such as weather forecasts and tips on combatting pests and diseases. 2000 2005 2010 2014* 40% 101% = 1,100,000,000 PEOPLE %3D 70% 2400kg Crops yields in developing countries are 60% of the yields in the developed world 24% 4% *predicted mobile penetration rate (GSMA) LABOUR FORCE IN AGRICULTURE PRODUCE PER HECTARE MOBILE PHONE PENETRATION 3% THE OPPORTUNITY FOR MOBILE: CLOSING THE INFORMATION GAP = 16,000,000 PEOPLE Mobile technology can bridge the information gap faced by farmers. With better access to quality and actionable information, farmers can make more informed decisions and boost 2011 18% their productivity and income. 99% of all people working in agriculture live in developing countries What is the weather forecast and when shall How do I protect my my crops and livestock from disease? 4000kg I plant? How can I get the best price for my harvest? Sources: GSMA, The World Bank, CIA- The World Factbook, FAOSTAT website: Mobile phone penetration rate= Ratio of the total of mobile connections to the total population. (NB. Represents penetration by connections, which can surpass 100% due to multiple SIM ownership) email: GSMA.. twitter: @GSMAmAgri mAgri Design: DEVELOPED WORLD (15% OF WORLD POPULATION) DEVELOPING WORLD (85% OF WORLD POPULATION) • TIII | * .0000........0..

Agricultural Productivity Gap: The Opportunity for Mobile

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This shows the Agricultural Productivity Gap and The Opportunity for Mobile


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