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The Afterlife of a Cell Phone

The afterlife of a CELLPHONE In 1985, there was less than half a million cell phones in use in the United States Now there are nearly 280 million cell phones in use 1.2 billion handsets are sold worldwide every year .and over 150 million phones are being replaced every year On average, people use their cell phones for only 18 months CELL PHONE LIFE 1.5 YEARS EXPECTANCY The average household in the US and UK has 3 unused cell phones An estimated 130 million cell phones are thrown away every year in the US alone creating as much as 65,000 tons of waste containing toxins such as: CADMIUMPAN akseNit MERCURY .and find their way to the local municipal landfill ... Along with these hazardous materials are precious metals that can be reused to make new cell phones or cell phone parts such as: gold opper silver There is enough gold in 200 cell phones to make a gold ring platinum .and by today's method of strip mining, collecting 1 clean ounce of gold creates 79 tons of toxic waste the good thing is.. CELL PHONES ARE RECYCLABLE but. шшши only 1 out of 10 cell phones are ever recycled Recycling cell phones reduces waste and the need of mining to produce even more handsets http://www.censusgov/Press-Release/www/releases/archivesv/miscellaneous/003 136. html the universes-phones/ lhtml 3 cellphones.php

The Afterlife of a Cell Phone

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Where do cell phones go when they die? And what's in them? For data on cell phone recycling and waste along with stats of cell phone usage, read on.




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