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Adventures in Engagement Land

ADVENTURES IN ENGAGEMENT LAND GAMIFYING YOUR SITE CAN BRING BAG RESULTS. On websites, gamification develops strong user engagement. Apply game principles that make participation fun and rewarding in non-game contexts to give your users a rush of accomplishment and satisfaction-ensuring they return. Here begins our thrill ride down engagement's adventurous path. STOP 1: AROUND THE THREE PILLARS OF GAMIFICATION Purposeful motivation, ease of ability, and appropriate triggers set users on a happy path. MOTIVATION Makes users want to engage. Surprise them with points and rewards, and ongoing motivation will soar. ABILITY Identify what users want to achieve, and ensure the challenges are interesting yet within reach. TRIGGERS Cues or reminders encourage users fo take actions. mb Aetna's users visit nearly 4 times a week, spending 14 minutes per visit, playing Mindbloom Life Game. STOP 2: UP ACTIVATION MOUNTAIN Control how much you use gamification, such as when determining how to make a community website more effective. CROWDSOURCING RECOMMENDATIONS SUPPORT O&A Reward systems encourage members to help others, as they increase loyalty and knowledge with new Engage through incentives, Instill community trust by identifying power users. Reduce costs, while encouraging active participation in ideation, blogs, and reviews. providing members with Customers value other more real customer service customers' feedback. and rewards for submitting, members. answering, and reviewing others' questions. Deloitte. fraining programs kept more students involved and reduced time by 50% STOP 3: ACROSS THE PRACTICE JUNGLE - GAMIFICATION BEST PRACTICES Before running full-speed into gamification, stop to consider how it fits into your overall community strategy. KEEP IN MIND: Q KNOW YOUR USERS Don't micromanage, To better engage users and anticipate community needs, consider how people behave in group dynamics. Update and customize on an ongoing basis to maintain high user interest and KEEP IT FRESH promote continued interactions. Community features with login settings should require a gentle login experience, to minimize disruption. DO NOT DISTURB Gamification as a main focus can cause adverse reactions, is hard to sustain, and can quickly undermine user motivation. Instead, implement it into your core strategy. LEADERBOARD IS NOT THE FOCUS AVOID NEGATIVE Punish sparingly. Removing users' accomplishments decreases motivation, so be judicial. CONNOTATIONS Nike's gamified feedback system continues to help customers beat their personal fitness goals. STOP 4: STRAIGHT INTO CENTER CITY - GAMIFICATION AND DNN EVogsoCIAL DNN Social represents a unique approach to community features and gamification integrated into a content management system. With gamification, Verizon Insider customers' on-site time 30% and page viewS 15%. Everything you need to quickly deploy, maintain, and optimize your community site is at your fingertips, including robust functionality. DNN EVOQ GAMIFICATION FEATURES: REAL-TIME INTERACTION Instant gratification from earning badges and seeing point totals in real time, while engaging in gamified behaviors on REPUTATION POINTS LITERACY Motivation drivers for BADGES rewarding different behaviors. Users can Tracks user statistics in Initial default badges easily tailored to community needs, which community the community, showing the site user progress and other members immediately see the standings and reputation levels of other users for trust ahead and behind for managers can adjust for difficulty or ease of earning motivation measures COMMUNITY ANALYTICS TOOLS Measure key metrics, such as to see how people use your site and to optimize community health. MANAGEMENT DASHBOARD Enables community managers fo monitor and maintain site health Everything you need to quickly deploy, maintain, and optimize your community site is at your fingertips, including robust functionality. SOURCES: Created by COLUMN FIVE DNn

Adventures in Engagement Land

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Businesses that build and nurture online social communities create deeper connections. Successful communities foster participation, interaction and, ultimately, loyalty. A critical ingredient for an...


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