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Advantages & Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

Mobilephones Evérything you need to know SMARTPHONEOWNERSHIP MAY 2012 MAY MAY 2011 2013 12% 17% 35% 46% 57% 35% 41% 48% No Cell Phone Other Cell Phone Smartphone OPINION ON MOBILE PHONE TECHNOLOGY Feel mobile technology is 73% mostly helpful Mobile technology is a 13% burden 11% Dont Know PERCENT WHO USE THEIR PHONE WHILE DOING ANOTHER TASK 8% 32% Seeing a movie Driving a car 35% 37% Playing with my children Attending a party 36% 61% Eating at a Watching TV restaurant WHERE YOU PLACE YOUR MOBILE PHONE WHILE SLEEPING AT NIGHT 2% 1% 13% 16% 68% Next to my bed In the bedroom In a different room Other/Various In the car from where I sleep OTHERSTATS 29% 75% of consumers engage in online shopping only via mobile. of Americans bring their phones to the bathroom. By the end of 2013, there will be more mobile devices on Earth than people. 00:000:000000 2000:00000008 O08000000080 D80000000020008 27% 20% of emails are who have asked opened on mobile devices someone on a date via text 30% of US consumers use mobile devices 30% for shopping ADVANTAGES OF USING MOBILE PHONES People Can Reach You Anytime, Anywhere If you stay out of the home a lot, having a cell phone will allow people to reach you if they need you. Contacts in an Emergency Cell phones facilitate connection during an emergency and allow parents and children to stay in touch. 3 Take Crime Photos Take a picture of your stalker. With a camera phone, assailants know they will be caught if they accost you. You will be able to take a picture of them and email it to the police within seconds of being mugged. Find Your Destination with a GPS Many cell phones come with a Global Positioning System (GPS). When following directions while driving is a problem, this service built into your cell phone can get your where you need to be. GPS works as an interactive map. DISADVANTAGES OF USING MOBILE PHONES Increases Stress Levels The high frequency of cell phone use can have negative effects on our stress levels. The constant ringing, vibrating alerts, and reminders can put a cell phone user on edge. Increases Risk Of Illnesses In Your Immune System The incessant touching of your phone can harbor germs on your handset. The greasy, oily residue you may see on your cellphone after a day's use can contain more disease-prone germs than those found on a toilet seat. Increases Risk Of Chronic Pain 3. Cell phones require constant use of your hands, especially when sending text messages and e-mails. Responding to messages at rapid speed can cause pain and inflammation of your joints. Back pain is also commonwith increased cell phone use, especially if you hold thephone between your neck and shoulders as you multitask. Increases Risk Of Eye Vision Problem Staring at your mobile device can cause problems in your vision later in life. Screens on mobile devices tend to be smaller than computer screens, which means you are more Likely to squint and strain your eyes while reading messages. Sources: BLOGMOST

Advantages & Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

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Mobiles are for Accessorize our life. Here showing the Pros and Cons of using mobile phones. According to the statistics, many people love mobile phones and say, they are helpful and some, they are no...





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