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Ad Hoc Data Requests

New Relic Insights Why Developers Dislike DATA REQUESTS A Typical Data Request in 2013 CEO asks CIO for data URGENT Request! CIO calls VP Engineering Need NOW! Need data now! VP Engineering ...who then asks OK Software Dev#1 I need this data! Dir Engineering VP Engineering pings Dir Engineering Dev#1 stops coding Dear Dev#2, I need access to a different piece of data! xo, Dev#1 and starts writing SELECT column_name, column_name FROM table_name; custom query ! Dev#3 Devi#2 Can I get the data? ! ...hipchats Dev#3 in a remote location Dev#2 stops coding and starts working on data request Now Dev#3 also stops coding Meanwhile, to look for data VP Marketing over lunch VP Engineering The CEO has a data request Dir of Product calls Need data now! VP Marketing Dir Engineering to set up kickoff meeting with Dev#3 OK Let's have a meeting! Dir of Product VP Marketing is a go-getter and unkowingly makes the same data request The call won't work! 20 min later.. oops! They all realize they're already working on this Huge query halts Dev#2, please run a huge query to pull the data. the app and a code bug causes site to crash 404 Dev#1 is annoyed Dev#3 is busy working on data request from Support inbox floods. They begin responding CEO. Support tells them to stop and fix the site code first I need an update! CMO Marketing OIL Hey Devs, stop data queries and fix site code! Dir DevOps ! 2 days late CEO finally gets the data she used to need That Was Slow.. New Relic Insights is the OPPOSITE OF SLOW In the time it takes you: To play a game of ping pong To blink you could have added Insights has queried over 200 million custom attributes to your application and ALREADY HAVE QUERIED IT EVENTS To listen to Bohemian To brush your teeth Rhapsody INSIGHTS You could can query 1 BILLION EVENTS 180x Write brand-new custom queries + query millions of events + add it to custom dashboards + share that dashboard with your boss If metrics were people Speed of Insights vs speed of light The speed of light is 299,792,458 m/s We'd be able to query China's population in just INSIGHTS. speed 2SECONDS 500,000,000 nd metrics per New Relic. INSIGHTS is the cure to the common data request Easy, Fast & Real-Time Queries can vary in times - not all queries created equal JESS3 ...*....

Ad Hoc Data Requests

shared by JESS3 on Oct 05
What seems like a simple request to an executive can mean the loss of dozens of man-hours and hundreds of job-satisfaction-hours. This infographic takes a lighthearted look at the ramifications of an ...


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