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The ABCs of 802.11ac

XİRRUS High Performance Wireless Networks The ABCS of 802.11ac 6.93 Gbps • 802.11AC = 802.11ac takes wireless data rate capabilities from 450 Mbps under 802.11n to 6.93 Gbps 5GHZ 2.4GHZ • 802.11AC= • 802.11AC = 802.11ac only operates in the 5 GHz band 3+ 3.47Gbps 160MHZ channels 4 streams 1.3Gbps 80MHZ channels 6.93 Gbps 160 MHz channels 3 streams 8 streams 802.11ac rollout will take place in multiple waves Wave 1 802.11ac 1.3 Gbps 80 • 802.11AC BUY NOW MHz channels Maximum data Already on the market Support for 80 MHz channels rate of 1.3 Gbps and up to 3 data streams Wave 2 802.11ac Coming Soon WAVE 2 /802.11AC 3.47 Gbps 1st 160 • 802.11AC MHz channels First 160 MHz Maximum MU-MIMO channels and data rate of products 4 streams 3.47 Gbps Other Key Benefits Rate at range Wi-Fi Reach unchanged Technology advances extend the data rate at The maximum reach of Wi-Fi signal remains unchanged every distance compared to previous wireless standards Multi-user performance (MU-MIMO) Client queue 802.11N In traditional wireless, a second client needed to wait until the first client had completed data transmission 0000 O 000 802.11AC E 11ac uses multiple antennas to simultaneously transmit to multiple clients (up to 4 clients). This is like a 4 port wired switch Congestion •.. This helps avoid slow throughput due to congestion Solution migrate to decentralized architecture Legacy Client Impact 1997 Today Older Wi-Fi technologies will continue to exist for years 54Mbps SLOW MOVING 450Mbps 1.3Gbps 11A 11N 11AC 1.3Gbps 11ac clients will be significantly slowed down by 450Mbps 11n and 54Mbps 11a clients 5GHZ 11n 5 GHz 11ac 11n and 11a clients on 5GHZ band should be isolated on separate radios, rather than mixed with 11ac radios Wired infrastructure upgrades Up to 10 Gbps AP uplinks AP uplinks may need to be increased, as AP bandwidth may require more than 1 Gbps. Aggregated links from the core to the AP must keep pace with this need LAN controllers Authentications servers Centralized firewalls, LAN controllers and authentications servers may also reach their limits New site survey ERROR ERROR ERROR 5 GHz ERROR Wi-Fi networks designed as recently as a couple years ago were probably designed for coverage, not capacity and may not properly account for smartphones, tablets, etc. 11ac ? deployments 11ac deployments need to account for increased capacity requirements and more diverse client capabilities Control application usage Faster speeds means clients can take advantage of more/different applications Applications that didn't used to be practical on mobile devices may be now Learn more (- (- :::::::::::: :::::::::::: шшL ........

The ABCs of 802.11ac

shared by Xirrus on Nov 20
Get ready for 802.11ac with this primer: The ABCs of 802.11ac. Don't know what MU-MIMO is? Wondering how many waves the 11ac rollout will take? We've got you covered with everything you need to know a...




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