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9 Crucial Things to Test Before Your App Goes Live

Still Processing.. 9Crucial Things To Test Before Your AppGoes Live What is testing all about? Creative Ways to Re-Engage App Users measuring the SuCcessa MOBILE APP measurine the SUCcessoa + MOBILE APP 10tinfor pushnetir Creative Win to ORe-Engage App Users f ?: Building apps of high quality Optimising user experience to Ensuring consistent as well as quantity minimize negative customer performance across different feedback devices and environments 1 User Interface (UI) Design FREE Aa Startup Guide To Mobile App RASETUNDS FREE Startup Guide To Mobile App Development Bb Cc iiii Do menus, elements, titles, fonts Are images optimised for Are images optimised and colours show as you want portrait and landscape form? for different devices them to on both OS platforms? (Or just restricted to portrait mode) & screen sizes? Functionality How it works? Search Q John Doe search results of: John Doe Install Download SECURE PAYMENTS BY PayPal- VISA E Do all features and buttons Does the search function Transaction testing (if applicable) work as supposed to? show relevant results? across all payment methods A 3 User Experience (UX) Testing 3. Detals GET IT N 85% 11 77% MESSAGE STORE MY CART MY WALLET How easy is app What is the impact on navigation? mobile battery & data usage? 4 Performance Testing Mi What is analycies allabout? Register Now! Firstname Lastname Still Processing. Address Is the screen responsive How long does it take to to user inputs? complete a transaction? kg f 8+ Peak Load Performance Third Party API Performance is performance compromised in Do integrated social 'peak' load conditions above networks/payment services the average load? perform appropriately? 5 Network Testing Network Signal 3G GPS ON Connect 2G Connect WIFI WIFI OFF Connect Does app perform Impact of connectivity issues? Impact of different consistently across WiFi/Shared Wi-Fi/ mobile settings? GPS on/off, different networks? Insecure Wi-Fi/Offline location settings on/off 2G/ 3G/4G 6 Security Testing Mw isanalv Login Payment Register Now Name Name Username johndoe2015 Address Address . ..** Password Email Address Birthdate O Do you want toremember password? Amount $100.00O Email Address Login Account Send Payment Submit Now! Is data retained across Is cus omer data and payment transmissi devices when user logs out, information protected from protected from interception exits app, or app crashes? interception? and exploitation? 7 7 Compatibility Testing Is app compatible with different mobile platforms? Ва ard Compatibility (with previous versions of (eg: Android 5 or IOS9) the app if applicable) 8 Conformance Testing Contract Contract Google play Does app meet market guidelines? Does the app meet enterprise App Store/Play Store Policies compliance policies (if applicable)? 6. Installation Testing INSTAL UNINSTALL ***** Details Reviews Related UNINSTALL INSTALL UNINSTALL Is the installation/un-installation User Provisioning - is information User De-provisioning - process as simple as possible? about users across multiple Can user accounts be deleted systems easily accessible? from the app directory? Sharing is caring. by buzinga AG

9 Crucial Things to Test Before Your App Goes Live

shared by theadventurer on Aug 18
So, you think your new mobile app is ready to take on the world? Before you launch, make sure you have fully tested it otherwise if bugs or issues come up the users will remember the faults and not th...




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