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9 countries with faster internet than Australia infographic

9 COUNTRIES WITH BETTER INTERNET- THAN AUSTRALIA AUSTRALIA KANGAROOS, EMUS AND THE INTERNET - are three things in Australia which RARELY WALK 14.9 Mbs 00 -BACKWAADS- 8.4 мы ONLY TWO OF THESE CLAIMS ARE TRUE ICELAND 36.8Mb MANY ICELANDERS 32.2Mb believe in ELVES so much so #ELFIE that roads are diverted around areas where | 14.9 AUS Mbs THEY ARE THOUGHT TO LIVE. 8.4 Mbs E AUSTRALIANS believe in FASTER INTERNET. BOTH ARE Fairy tales... ROMANIA 56.8Mbs Not only does ROMANIA BOAST THE LARGEST BROWN BEARS in Europe BUT IT CAN ALSO CLAIM TO HAVE THE best connected ones too! 30.2Mb. AUS 14.9 LOCAL BROWN BEARS Consume AUS 8.4 Mbs their daily dose of YOUTUBE 3.8 TIMES QUICKER than Australians RUSSIA OD 0 WITH INTERNET SPEEDS 59.7% faster than Australia 23.8Mb 22.4m ... IN THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION AUS 14.9 Mbs THE GOOGLE CAR Orive itself AUS 34 Google CHINA CHINA may censor - OF ALL - 22.3M SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS but at least the other 11.2 Mb. 87% DOWNLOAD le AUS 14.9 Mbs AUS 8.4 nearly two times faster than in A USTRALIA HAZAKHSTAN - If Kazakhstan - REALLY IS THE NUMBER 1 EXPORTER OF POTASSI UM SOURCE BORAT and with internet speeds up to 5.4% AUS 14.9 QUICKER THAN AUSTRALIA'S 15.7M 13.6M AUS 8.4 IT'S SAFE TO SAY: “THIS IS BANANAS!" TAIWAN 42.1 Mb has the highest density TAIWAN of conwenience stores -IN THE WORLD A TAIWANESE LOCAL CAN GOOGLE MAPS 15.7Mb AUS 14.9 their way to their nearest store2 8 Mbs AUS 8.4 TIMES QUICKER THAN AN AUSTRALIAN Mbs NOW, THAT IS CONVENIENT - URUGUAY URUGUAY WAS THE FIRST COUNTRY in the world to provide EVERY SCHOOL CHILD with a free laptop and wireless internet 22.8Mb AUS 8.4 THAT'S WIRELESS INTERNET THAT IS AUS 53% faster and 100% 6.m 6.1Mb. FREE'er THAN AUSTRALIA'S İSRAEL AN ISRAELIAN COMPANY has developed the WORLD'S FIRST JELLYFISH REPELLENT 26.3M. LOCALS ALSO ENJOY THE BENEFIT Jelly Fish Repellent - of purchasing it online - 76.5°lo FASTER AUS AUS 8.4 Mbs 3.1. AUS 149 THAN Mbs THAILAND KANCHANA KETKAEW LIVED IN A GLASS ROOM CONTAINING 5,320 -Live Scorpions FOR 33 DAYS & NIGHTS 21.3M. 11.1 Mbs AUS 14.9 8.4 AUS B4 Mbs Mbs THAI LOCALS ENJOYED THE BENEFIT OF STREAMING HER VIDEOS 130% FASTER THAN AUS relbad e d i D) UPLOAD UPLOAD UPLOAD UPLOAD DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD UPLOAD- UPLOAD UPLOAD UPLOAD- DOWNLOAD UPLOAD DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD UPLOAD DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD

9 countries with faster internet than Australia infographic

shared by digital31 on Apr 30
Did you know Israeli scientists developed the world’s first jellyfish repellent that locals can purchase online 76.5% faster than Australians? Yep, Israel is one of nine countries with better intern...


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