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8 Ways to Strike Gold at the App Store This Holiday Season

at the App. Store. This Holiday Seascn Ways to Strike Gold 8. What do the holidays hold for App Developers? Smartphones and tablets are top-selling gifts and their sales skyrocket during the holiday season. Once people activate their new devices, there is a subsequent explosion in the number of apps sdownloaded. The App Store Sales Soar) During the 2012 holiday week, over 1.76 billion apps were downloaded across the globe. The count is expected to billion during the 2013 holiday week. 1.76 billion surpass billion 2012 2013 The 2012 daily download figures in the App Store increased by 87% on Christmas Day, compared to the December 2012 average. 87% iPad app downloads and revenues rose 83% 140% by 140% and 83%, respectively, on Christmas day in 2012. Make the most of the spike in App Store sales and downloads by getting your app(s) ready for the holiday season. The App Store Freeze é iTunes Connect Dear Developer, ITunes Connect will be temporarily unavaila 2013. During that time, iTunes Connect will not be a In-App Purchases. Processing of any Newsst Sales and Trends reports via the Autoingestio Also, you should not schedule any pricing changes scheduled to take effect in that d purchase until after December 27. Similari released until after December 27 If you have any additional questions, u Regards. App Store team Remember that for a period of time during the holiday season, Apple stops accepting and reviewing app submissions. Sales data will not be accessible during that period. You will not be able to log in to iTunes to submit new apps or modify/update existing ones. As chart rankings will also be frozen, it can be a time when your apps get ample visibility, provided they rank high. Leverage the holiday season to rake in the big bucks and make this your best year ever! Ways to Make Your App's Sales Hit Record High this Festive Season! Get Ready with Holiday- Schedule Your themed Content Version Updates Try to add some special holiday-themed features to your app to draw more attention to it this season. It you have a game app, you could add a new level which has holiday-themed colors, imagery, graphics, characters, icons, power-ups and more, to get your users into the holiday spirit. Alternatively, you could create a holiday version of a popular Apps tend to rank higher right after a version update has been released. Submit your app updates to Apple early enough to be approved, but as close as possible to the App Store lockdown, to sustain high ranks. to re-engage and retain your users. Get Rid of Bugs very purpose of planning for an update during the holiday season is to give users, both existing and new, the best version of your app yet. A bug, no matter how small it may be, can affect your reputation, and your users' experience. Keep in mind that bugs cannot be fixed till the App Store freeze is over. The Pay Altention to App Store Optimization your apps ready for the holiday sales storm by updating your App Store description with details of your holiday promotions. Incorporate frending keywords with your existing keywords to give your app a holiday boost. Make your app's content look fresh and attractive by including new holiday-themed screenshots. Get Create an Ideal Maximize Your Ad Holiday Promotion Budget & Time Your Plan Promotions discount Capitalize on the holiday spending frenzy by slashing your app's price for a limited time, running a contest, sweepstake or a giveaway, or by offering a discount on an in-app purchase. The cost of ads goes through the roof during the holiday season and it becomes difficult to compete for ad space. Increase your ad spend to get your app out there in front of your target audience, brave the competition, increase downloads, and boost your rankings before the App Store freeze. Plan Your Multi-channel Promotional Activities Test various marketing channels and promote your app extensively through the channels that work best, to generate maximum visibility and reach, and more revenue. Measure the final campaign results, and calculate your ROI to know how successful your marketing efforts have been. in Get Featured on App Review Sites Many app review websites compile 'Best of lists at the end of the year. If you believe your app has the potential to get featured on one of these lists, now is the best time to submit them to as many review sites as you can. Capitalize on the holiday spending frenzy to drive app sales, end the year on a high note, and lay the foundation for a new year of success! Sources: Conceptualized & Designed by REA ICE dci 2013 INNE O FLURRY DISTIMO "Make Your Apps Discoverable" Best Mobile App Marketing Agency

8 Ways to Strike Gold at the App Store This Holiday Season

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The holiday season is here and we are inching closer to Christmas! The spirit of celebration is in the air and we are all so full of cheer. We couldn’t have chosen a better time to roll out the 10th...


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