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8 Simple Reasons Why SEO Is A Long Term Game

8 SIMPLE REASONS WHY •SEQ 00 IS A LONG TERM GAME SEO IS ALWAYS CHANGING 1 Google changes it's algorithm 500-600 times a year. If you're not constantly monitoring your SEO or anticipating changes, your site will be left in the dark. 2 RANKINGS DON'T HAPPEN OVERNIGHT According to Google, you'll need around 4 - 12 months to see tangible results from SEO. YOUR COMPETITORS ARE DOING SEO 24 In 2016, companies spent more than %24 %24 %24 $65 BILLION on SEO. You'll need to keep doing SEO to stay competitive in your industry. THE COMPOUND EFFECT OF SEO Like a good investment, the returns on SEO will 24 %24 compound over time. F Forbes O X = Forbes O LOG IN YOU READING LIST "Whatever results you're getting at 6 months should be considerably less than what you're getting at 12 months." - Forbes SEO IS A FORM OF ADVERTISING Google If you stop advertising, you lose customers. If Google is important for your industry, you need an SEO expert to continually optimise your site. GOOGLE LOVES FRESH CONTENT Studies show that posting fresh content regularly and updating your old content can help boost rankings and traffic. STOPPING SEO PREMATURELY 7 IS A WASTE OF MONEY Doing 1 or waste. Ongoing optimisation and link building will bring the months is a ...-- real benefits for your business. STOPPING AND STARTING SEO CAN 8. RAISE ALARM BELLS TO GOOGLE Link velocity is the rate at which links are pointed at your site. If you're building links regularly and then you stop, this change in link velocity can cause rankings to drop. SOURCES BROUGHT TO YOU BY VM Search Engine Optimisation -billion-on-seo-in.html (

8 Simple Reasons Why SEO Is A Long Term Game

shared by milkwhale on Nov 25
8 Simple Reasons Why SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Is A Long Term Game


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