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8 Best Ways To Secure Your PDF

foxit PDF BEST WAYS TO SECURE PDF YOUR PDFS beat almost every other kind of document when it comes to security. But which methods are available, and which ones should you integrate into your workflow? 23% TRUST MANAGER Turn on TRUST MANAGER in your PDF reader to guard against malware from malicious PDF documents. of annualized costs from cybercrime were related to malicious code () ERROR COMMON INFORMATION REDACTION SUBJECT TO REDACTION: Social Security numbers Dates of birth PERMANENT REMOVAL 740 of visible text and images. If you've ever read a government report, you've probably seen redaction in Medical information Home addresses million+ Financial Insurance practice. account Online records coverage details numbers exposed in 2013 2) Encryption using passwords is by far the MOST COMMON, though it is generally less secure than digital certificates. ENCRYPTION ******* ENTER ENTER Two main types of encryption, PASSWORD and DIGITAL, can help DIGITAL: Access determined by digital certificates PASSWORD: secure your PDFS. ******** ******** Access available via password only ******** More than 1 That's MILLION people per day SÚSTAIN CYBERATTACKS. 14 ADULTS 00:01 EVERY SECOND. (3) DIGITAL SIGNATURE |IDENTITY THIEF WAS CONVICTED Verifies the authenticity of the signee and the integrity of the signed document. FOR EVERY 20,750 INTERNET CRIME VICTIMS (4) DOCUMENT CERTIFICATION Enables CONTROL OF APPROVED $5.9 DOCUMENTS, ensuring that certain changes will not be possible for the document to remain certified. For instance, if your marketing manager has signed off on the next quarter's plan, you wouldn't want someone changing a budget item, so document certification controls what types of changes can be made. billion Global losses in 2013 due to phishing alone (5) RIGHTS MANAGEMENT Two main types of rights management, information rights management and digital rights management, can help keep your documents secure. INFORMATION RIGHTS MANAGEMENT (IRM): Typically within a company, this includes giving individuals specific rights, which can differ depending on the person. CYBERCRIME costs the global economy about $445 billion DIGITAL RIGHTS MANAGEMENT (DRM): Protects information after sale, most often consumer-facing, the biggest contemporary example of DRM in practice are paywalls. per year (6) 40 DOCUMENT SANITIZATION This allows you to remove sensitive information from your document before publishing. million Americans who have had personal information stolen by hackers (6) COMMON ITEMS REMOVED IN SANITIZATION: That's about =1 million </> Metadata Comments 15% Overlapping objects Hidden layers OF THE Hidden data from POPULATION.6) previous versions 1 in 14 WATERMARKS, HEADERS, FOOTERS PROGRAMS is later confirmed as malware. ) Watermarks, headers and footers all indicate the LEVEL OF CONFIDENTIALITY a document should have. However, this method depends on people enforcing the security, as there's no mechanism inside the document to prevent those who shouldn't see it from being able to view it. ADDITIONAL SOURCES 1. | 2. | 3. | 4. 5. | 6. | 7. foxit CLASIFIED

8 Best Ways To Secure Your PDF

shared by foxitsoftware on Jun 27
PDFs beat almost every other kind of document when it comes to security. But which methods are available, and which ones should you integrate into your workflow?



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