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8 Best Blockchain Programming Languages

Best OLOCKCHAIN 8. Programming Languages WHAT IS BITCOIN (BTC)? What is Blockchain? A blockchain, originally block chain, is a growing list of records, called blocks, that are linked using cryptography. Bitcoin is the most popular digital currency. It is also the first example of cyrptocurrency that is mined electronically. ACCORDING TO THE LATEST DATA SHARED BY LINKEDIN, THE NUMBER OF BLOCKCHAIN DEVELOPERS 40% JOBS HAS GROWN BY JAVA JAVASCRIPT The language and its vast range of libraries and frameworks like Angular, React, and Node offer the ease of handling asynchronous actions The language is object-oriented and comes with various characteristics such as ease of memory cleaning and portability Java SOLIDITY C++ It was designed by the Ethereum team to help developers with writing high-level, smart contract- powered code that could be translated into and employed in lower-level languages. This object-oriented language is based on different concepts including abstraction, encapsulation, data hiding, and polymorphism, which can help in preventing accidental data alterations and ensuring ++ better memory handling capabilities GOLANG SIMPLICITY It is lightning fast, highly efficient, and offers facility to manage remote packages because of the smart implementation of channels and interfaces. The language, just like C++, is an object-oriented programming language and follows the same principles, making it suitable to avert errors and changes in the data SOL ΡΥΤHOΝ The language was designed by IBM for It's known for building effective blockchain projects and coding foster communication with different SQL databases that gather her, store, and manipulate data. This includes MYSQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, and smart contracts for different platforms such as NEO and Hyperledger Oracle. Powered by Reference SEARCHABLE DESIGN LLC

8 Best Blockchain Programming Languages

shared by searchabledesign on Jun 09
Here are eight of the most effective programming languages for Blockchain developers


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