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7 Reasons Email Isn't Dead Yet

Do you think email THINK AGAIN! is dead? ... R.I.P. 7 reasons email still rules 1. You already have an email address 2. The web is addicted to email Please Login:| Everyone has an email address. You either make one (or several) yourself, or acquire Sign in them from your job, school, or social networks. An email address is pretty much requisite for any online interaction. It is your online ID, necessary to sign up for nearly every online service imaginable. It's also the workhorse of digital marketing and is still the most effective tool in the marketing toolkit. ccount verificat Email is a simple system that is understood in 3. Email is easy to use, and getting easier Email minutes, even by novice computer users. 不 * 不 ** 斗 * Email providers have spent years perfecting the user experience and the latest updates (think Gmail's Priority Inbox) 4. make email clearer than ever before. ОPEN Email is naturally mobile friendly Email renders perfectly across all devices and it's very light weight, meaning that you can send and 5. Email is an open standard protocol receive messages even when your internet connection is weak. 6. Spam volume isn't a big deal anymore Email is an open platform, so it doesn't change quickly. And that is perfect. It's not open to the whims of external stakeholders The volume of spam traffic is dropping year after and therefore remains a stable force in the year. The legislation and software tools designed whirlwind of modern tech. to combat spam also mean that it's rare that it ever meets its true mark. 7. It's not that private.. but it can be Email isn't the most secure way to transfer data, but using it with security in mind (using strong passwords, not transferring sensitive information, creating multiple accounts) can help. If you're extra careful, using PGP or the Tor network will help keep your data under wraps. Find the original version of this article at: Lookeen

7 Reasons Email Isn't Dead Yet

shared by siobhanororke on Apr 28
Are you one of the many who believe email is on the way out, or even ‘dead’? It might be time to think again. Despite hearing the death tolls for years, this tenacious technology has not only main...


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