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7 Quick Tips for a Better Mobile User Experience

( ES:S Quick Tips for a Better MOBILE USER EXPERIENCE 7 A great user experience is what separates successful apps from forgettable ones. Here are 7 quick tips to keep in mind when designing for mobile. 1 KNOW YOUR USER AND DESIGN FOR THEIR GOALS. Knowing your user is key to designing an app that they will want to use, and empathizing with their goals means being able to craft a mobile experience that will get them there. Create user personas to define your target market, user stories to elaborate on their motivations and goals, and journey maps to identify needs and gaps. QUICK TIP 2 CLEAR THE CLUTTER AND SIMPLIFY NAVIGATION. User attention is a valuable resource and must, therefore, be properly directed. Clear the clutter by dropping unnecessary features and streamlining functionality. You want your users to engage without being distracted. PROFILE МАР HISTORY SETTINGS Keep the navigation simple and easy to use. Make it feel like an invisible hand that HELP ides the QUICK TIP user all the way through. 3 CREATE A SEAMLESS CROSS-DEVICE EXPERIENCE. It's not just about making an app usable on different devices. It's also about giving your users the freedom to grab whatever tech they have to GO NOMAD enhance their simultaneous or sequential use. GO NOMAD Username A Password A Username LOGIN Give your app a common look and feel on all devices to help your users find their way around with great ease. A Password LOCIN QUICK TIP 4 DESIGN A FINGER-FRIENDLY INTERFACE. One important aspect of mobile devices is touch-based input. With the vast majority of mobile users using their fingers to navigate devices, it's imperative to make your touch targets big enough to be easily tapped. HUNGARY SPAIN POLAND MEXICO THAI VIETNAN Create controls that measure 7-10 mm for accurate fingertapping and make sure there's a good amount of spacing in between. QUICK TIP 5 ENSURE TEXT IS BOTH LEGIBLE AND READABLE. Reading on a small screen can hurt or tire your user's eyes. Select a clean typeface; keep a high contrast between the text and the background; and use simple words and short sentences. Choose a city & start exploring. Improve things further by increasing letter spacing or line height and by adding a generous amount of white space to your design. CHIANG MAI QUICK TIP 6 DESIGN CONTROLS BASED ON HAND POSITION. Thumbs drive majority of all phone interactions. Consider placing the most common actions in easy-to-reach areas, and negative actions in hard-to-reach areas to avoid accidental tapping. BOOK VIEW MAP INQUIRE Test with a wide variety of people and devices to see how they interact with the interface and to gain insight into functional design. QUICK TIP 7 TEST WHAT YOU BUILD AND IMPROVE. While some mobile teams think of quality assurance, you'll want to run several usability tests to evaluate how your app holds up in the real world, improve overall mobile experience, and ensure user satisfaction. Perform remote user testing to capture feedback in the user's natural environment. It's cheaper and faster than traditional usability testing. QUICK TIP User experience is not just about making beautiful interfaces. It's also about creating meaningful experiences through a device. Visit to view our portfolio and learn about the services we offer. buzinga APP DEVELOPMENT

7 Quick Tips for a Better Mobile User Experience

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A majority of the worldwide population makes use of mobile apps when searching for quick content, entertainment and services. Because of this, the market is now saturated with all kinds of apps which ...


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