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7 Benefits of Cloud Computing for Small Business

Benefits of Cloud Computing Twice as many SMB IT pros are using cloud solutions today compared to the second half of 2010 SMB IT PROS USING CLOUD SOLUTIONS (source: spiceworks report) 42% 100% Growth 28% CRN predicted that SMB spending on cloud computing will reach 14% 2010 forecasts (24%) $100B by 2014 (source: by_the_numbers_what_do_all the_statistics_mean) 2010 2011 First half 2011 Second half Midyear All company sizes are equally aggressive with cloud adoption today a departure from the second half of 2010 when companies with fewer than 20 employees were almost twice as likely to adopt as larger businesses Even the White House plans on implementing a cloud computing strategy. (source: 229218475?queryText=cloud+computing+benefits) THE WHITE HOUSE WASHINGTON What Are the BENEFITS of moving to the Cloud? According to current cloud users: Improved Security. 57 % say that moving data to the cloud has resulted in better security. Access data anytime, anywhere, on virtually any device with an internet connect. 58 % say it has given them better control of their data. Cost Savings 73 % say it has reduced the cost of their IT infrastructure. Reduced IT labor costs According to IBM's CTO for Cloud Computing, Kristof Kloeckner, cloud computing reduces IT labor costs by up to 50% (source: Service clients of various geographic regions 72% stated that cloud services have improved end-user experience. Improved Productivity ~50% cited business agility as their primary reason for adopting cloud applications (survey of 500 IT decision makers by SandHill). Speed of response 65%+ said that responding faster to the business is an important driver for cloud computing (informationWeek survey). The numbers are different but the conclusion is that being able to respond more quickly to changing business requirements is a critical advantage of the cloud model. Multi-user access You, your employees and clients can access data simultaneously from anywhere in the world. No file transfers All data is stored and accessed via the cloud. You can be sure that you are always accessing the most recent, up-to-date data. So why isn't EVERYONE MOVING to the Cloud? There are still some barriers: Security fears 74 % of IT departments agreed with the statement 'there is always a trade-off between cost and IT security', suggesting that many organizations feel cloud solutions are less secure than the more expensive, on-premise alternatives, simply due to their lesser cost. (According to a survey by Mimecost) || 62 % the business is a significant that storing data on servers outsic security risk. With the right ASP provider, data is more secure in the cloud. For example, NovelASPect does automatic mirroring of data & backs-up data & sends it off site every day. Even in the event of a lost computer or natural disaster, small businesses can still recover their data. "More experts now agree that data protection in the cloud is equal to, if not greater than, most on-premise IT solutions." (source: Lack of Education A study conducted by Newtek Business Services, surveyed approximately 1,800 respondents in independent small businesses found that the level of awareness about what cloud computing has to offer is low. 71 % of those polled indicated that they had never heard of cloud computing at all. | 26 % Only of those respondents who said they had heard of cloud computing were able to describe what it is. Sources: hold-back-adoption/

7 Benefits of Cloud Computing for Small Business

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More than twice as many small businesses are using cloud solutions now in comparison to the second half of 2010, and the numbers continue to increase. Learn why so many SMBs are turning to the cloud a...


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