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7 Advanced Google Shopping Strategies

7 Advanced Google Shopping Strategies Google shopping ads now account of 56% of spending share overtaking search ads in the USA, with data from Merkle showing that they account for 46% of clicks. Having a high performance Google Shopping campaign is now fundamental to retailers success which Is why we have created this infographic showing 7 advanced optimisation strate- gies to take your shopping campaigns to the next level. Step 1: Segment by Intention In Google Shopping it is common to find that branded searches perform differently from non branded searchers. To maximise performance it is best to create two different cam- paigns to capture each and add the branded terms as negative keywords in one to channel all of the branded searchers in to the other. You can then bid higher for your best performing queries. • Segment traffic by designers vs generics £2.50 Designer Queries Nike Mecurial Superfly £0.45 Generic Q Football Boots Queries Segment your shopping campaigns by specificity of search queries. Use campaign priorities and negatives to allocate traffic. Bid higher for your best queries. -27% reduction in cost / conversion 14.0 10.2 Step 2: Keep Your Pricing Competitive Keeping your pricing competitive is critical to success with Google Shopping. The data below clearly shows that more competitively priced products generate significantly more clicks and conversions. • Traffic of similar products within one shop Expensive Products Cheap Products +134.2% +9.1% No. of Products Imps +135.3% -29.5% Clicks СРО +280% +61.3% CR Conversions Key Insights Cheap products generated much more traffic despite similar products in both groups. Step 3: Test Bids Extensively Bidding is much more volatile in Google Shopping compared to the Google Search Network so its a smart idea to test your bids extensively. • Much more volatile on Google Shopping compared to Google Search Q < Google > Search Shopping Revenue Revenue Budget Budget T T Bidding Bidding Step 4: Add Keywords to Your Product Title Product titles are one of the most important parts of your product feed to optimise, by including your keywords within your product title you will generate more impressions for that keyword. • Party dresses query volume before and after title change LIPSY Title Before LONDON Q Lipsy Lacy Panel Body Dress - Navy Title After Q Party Dresses Navy Blue Lipsy Lacy Panel Body Do search query impressions related to party dresses increase? On Other Products On Product 22,138 18,971 18,115 18,552 4,023 419 Original Title Changed Step 5: Segment by Product ID Different products have different profit margins and costs so to maximise your perfor- mance you want to set different bids for each different product. To do this you should segment your Google Shopping feed by individual products ID. Budget 19" Semi-HD TV Super 48" 3D 4K TV Standard 32" Full-HD TV Max. Cost / Click Max. Cost / Click Max. Cost / Click £0.96 £1.71 £9.14 Avg. Conversion Rate Avg. Conversion Rate Avg. Conversion Rate 2.2% 1.2% 0.6% £ Avg. Product Cost Avg. Product Cost Avg. Product Cost £99 £299 £3199 Here is how campaigns segmented by product ID perform compared to all product campaigns: Single Product Ad Groups All Products (Pre Breakout) -85% +230% Conversion Rate CPA +335% ROAS Step 6: Segment by Hour of the Day The performance of your Google Shopping ads will vary considerably by hour of the day and day of the week. To maximise your performance you should look to change bids 24 times per day using a bidding script to increase bids at high performance times and decrease them at poor performing times. M Increase CTR by 11% Thursday Friday 9:00 8% 23% 10:00 13% 24% 11:00 12% 20% 12:00 8% 13% 13:00 8% 8% 14:00 7% 5% 15:00 7% 3% 16:00 3% -1% *Representative Example Step 7: Add RLSA to Your Shopping Campaigns People who have previously visited your website are considerably more likely to convert into a paying customer, so its a smart idea to use remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) to increase bids and show your Google Shoppings ads to them more often. • Past Engagement Increases Shopping CTR and CVr by 400+% Shopping CTR Shopping CVR 8% 6% 4% 2% 0% No RSLA With RSLA Glicteg Sources Image Credits

7 Advanced Google Shopping Strategies

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Google Shopping Ads, or as they were formally known, Product Listing Ads are part of Googles paid shopping ads program. In this incredibly detailed guide to Google Shopping ads we will be revealing so...




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