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6 Questions to Ask Before Buying EV Charging Stations

evcənnect Breath Easy Questions You Should Ask When Considering EV Charging Stations EV sales Worldwide EV product on grew to go up 440% 67% between 2011 and 2013. in 2014. Which charge stations are right for me? Choose your charge station power/speed level: LEVEL-2 Standard Fast Charging LEVEL-1 LEVEL-3 Basic Slow Charging DC Charging Very Fast Least expensive and slowest option, but good for residential use (uses household outlets). Significant costs and electric upgrades. This is the most common commercial and public charging level. "Dumb" or "Smart" Have connectivity components Internet Connectivity Cloud-based management software Up-time monitoring diagnosis-Driver access pricing settings Stand-Alone No Network e No Management Software + No Services Capabilities Simply on or off how about "Completely managed" Single or Dual “Ports" You can get a charge station with one plug (also known as a "port") or two. Having two ports allows you to install one charging station between two parking spots (or even four if you have two rows of spaces adjacent to each other). Dual ports cost more, but are less expensive on a cost-per-port basis, and may be a better option for you in the long run. Can you switch EV charging "networks"? 2 "Sı stations utilize charging art" networks My Network Want to switch Poor Еxcellent Limited Network#1 Network#2 Unlimited Lengthy Easy to Handle Not Update Uptodate Not Effective Very Efficient A charge stations's communications capabilities and cloud-based management software are collectively called a charge station "network". Up Time Control Access Payment Process Driver Usage Capture Driver usage data for reporting ERP System Ulilities, building nanagement systems. HR systems, customer loyalty programs, and other charge station networks. Don't get locked into your charge station network provider's network. Make sure your provider tells you that you can switch networks when your service contract expires. It's similar to whether or not you would prefer to buy a television that only works with one cable or satellite provider, or if you'd rather have a television that is capable of working with multiple providers. How much does installation cost? The most significant cost of offering charge stations is the installation. Electric service upgrades, trenching, repaving, distance to panel, and other factors can significantly increase your costs of deployment. How many charge stations do I need? 4 To answer that question, keep both your current and future EV charging needs in mind, even if you currently have very few EV drivers. Consider how your decisions impacts future installations, and how your choice in charge stations today limits or increases your options and costs for future purchases. Consider approaches like: 2 :1 Survey your drivers for current numbers of EVs and future intent to Start with a couple of stations, but be sure they utilize an open network like EV Connect's. The flexibility of a truly open, and switchable, network will prevent stranded charge station assets in the future. 2:1 ratio of EV drivers to charge stations is one-size-fits-all approach that you can try in small quantities until actual needs are determined purchase them. How am I going to manage them? Platform Charge station management software allows real-time monitoring, reporting, driver accessibility, management, and more. consider providing phone and email support for your EV drivers in case they have any technical or network issues, then you may begin to feel overwhelmed by the complexity and effort required to manage your EV charging station infrastructure. But it doesn't have to be that way! 5. When you Equipment Management evconnect breath easy Companies like EV Connect offer complete management services, including 24/7 driver support, to take care of everything. Enterprise Maintenance How do I get a high ROI and a low TCO? 6. Your ROI can come from: Improved employee and/or customer retention. Enhanced brand perception through positive PR value and sustainability efforts Unlocked hidden value through enterprise system integrations.

6 Questions to Ask Before Buying EV Charging Stations

shared by songv on Jun 28
As sales of electric vehicles (EVs) skyrocket (up 440% between 2011-2013), more and more hotels are providing EV charging stations to their guests and employees. EV Connect, a commercial electric vehi...




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