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50 Apps to Track Everything in your Life

Top 50 Apps to track How long EVERYTHING How many How big in your life How much How far How often How fast We want to know how fast we run. We want to know how much we eat. We want to know how much we spend. With modern technology, it's easier than ever to track just about everything in our lives; from our relationships, to our health, to our very use of technology - often in surprising levels of detail. vouchercloud has compiled 50 ways to track everything in your life - using just your mobile phone - so you too can take control of your life using technology. HEALTH CARDIOGRAPH EXPEREAL FREE 2 £2-£3 Tracking: your mood Tracking: your heart rate Rate your life at any moment on a scale of 1-10 - and view how your moods Your camera's flash monitors tiny changes in the colour of your finger as a result of your pulse, counting the beats and logging your heart rate. progress over time in a beautiful visual presentation. OVUVIEW I'M EXPECTING 2 FREE FREE Tracking: your period Tracking: your pregnancy Tracks and predicts ovulation and See how your baby is growing as your pregnancy progresses, and track symptoms against other mums-to-be. fertility, to maximise or minimise your chances of getting pregnant and predict the date of your next period. LOSE IT! MAPMYRUN e FREE 2 FREE Tracking: your weight loss Tracking: your run Allows you to map and save your jogging routes, record your times and speed, and charts out the results. Also monitors the calories lost during a run! Set a variety of goals, input your results and track your progress on your way to losing weight. An easy way to track healthy weight loss! POOPLOG MY FITNESS PAL FREE FREE Tracking: your bowel movements (poo) Record your bowel movements by time, Tracking: your calorie intake Track your calorie intake by inputting your meals, keeping an honest account of what and how well you're eating to improve your bad diet habits. type and volume to help identify and aid any health issues. Or it's just great for poo aficionados. SLEEP TALK RECORDER SLEEPCYCLE 10 69p - £1 69p -£1 Tracking: your sleep talk Tracking: your sleeping patterns Once activated, it'll start recording when the ambient noise in the room hits a Place your phone on your bed and this app will monitor your movement as you sleep. Then, you can see your sleep quality charted throughout the night. certain volume, tracking any unique conversations you have mid-slumber. LIFE LIFE360 BABY CONNECT 12 11 £2-£3 FREE Tracking: your family Tracking: your baby Keep a log of every nap, diaper and bottle to understand your baby's schedule. Multiple log-ins allow both parents to keep track simultaneously. Use GPS in your phone to track your family's whereabouts - and use in-built messaging to shout at anyone who's late for dinner. MCOUPLE PET PHONE 14 13 O £2-£3 2 FREE Tracking: your pets Tracking: your spouse Should you and your other half consent, you can access all their phone calls, texts and location history throughout the day. Who needs privacy? Although it isn't GPS to track your pets (that gets expensive!) you can keep track of your pet's health needs and vet appointments, all in one place. SNIPP3T BEDPOST 16 15 2 FREE 69p - £1 Tracking: your favourite celebrities Tracking: your sex life The best way to get a 'rolling history of your sex life'. You and your partner can both log-in to share a data-set. View custom news feeds for any celebrity you desire to see where they are, where they've been, and what they've been doing. OUT OF MILK GOOGLEKEEP To do... 17 18 FREE • FREE Tracking: your to-do list Tracking: your shopping list Allows multiple shopping lists and larder-tracking to keep on top of what Quickly note down anything you've forgotten or need to remember, and tick a note to complete. A neat and you have and what you need next time organised way to track your to-do list! you go to the store. ROUTINELY REPORTER 20 19 1st P £2-£3 FREE Tracking: EVERYTHING Tracking: your New Year resolutions Set a daily or weekly schedule for good (and bad) habits to see how and if you can keep up with your New Year, and year-long, ambitions and resolutions. Randomly timed surveys throughout the day will log anything and everything - and paint you a portrait of your life. TECHNOLOGY MY DATA MANAGER CALL METER 3G 22 21 FREE FREE Tracking: mobile data use Tracking: your phone use Track your use of minutes, data and texts against your personalised plan to see how close you are to going over your limits. Analyses your mobile data use, showing you what applications eat the most of your allowance. Great to use if you always exceed your limits! BANANATAG FOLLOWERWONK 24 23 FREE FREE Tracking: your Twitter community Tracking: your e-mails Track who opens your e-mails and when. The free service lets you track 5 See who you're following and who's following back. You can even find out when your community is most active to e-mails per day, with paid-for plans unlocking more. discover the best times to tweet. CHECKY SD MAID 26 25 > FREE FREE Tracking: your apps Tracking: your mobile addiction Sometimes deleting apps doesn't totally Ever worried you can't get away from your phone? This app tracks how many times you've checked your phone that day - and it's scary. delete them. This tracks and deletes leftover files, making sure nothing gets left behind. MYIBIDDER LAST.FM 28 27 P FREE FREE Tracking: your music habits Tracking: your eBay bids "Scrobble' everything you listen to on Fed up of your eBay bids being sniped? Track them on the go and schedule your your iPod, desktop or on Spotify and see your most listened to music. Discover new music based on your plays. own snipes to snap up the deals and ensure you don't miss out. PARCEL PLAN B 30 29 OFREE FREE Tracking: deliveries Tracking: your phone If you lose your phone and don't have any tracking software installed, use this with your Google Account and track Supports over 240 delivery services, with push notifications to bump you when something is on its way - so never lose track of a Parcel again. your device using GPS and cell towers. TRAVEL FOURSQUARE ACCUWEATHER 31 32 FREE > FREE Tracking: the weather Tracking: yourself Minute by minute forecasts help you Check in when you visit a new location, see where your friends have visited, and track the sun, wind and rain, wherever get recommendations for cool places to go next based on your adventures. you are and whatever the occasion. ACAR WAZE 34 33 • FREE FREE Tracking: the traffic Tracking: your car's performance A pseudo-social network for motoring. Share and read real-time updates on Track your fuel stops and miles per gallon, alongside detailed specs of your specific make and brand of car. Great for saving money in the long run! the traffic in your area from other motorists before you hit a jam. HOPSTOP COMMUTE LITE 36 35 FREE • FREE Tracking: local public transport Tracking: your daily commute Tracks the time your commute takes every day, letting you see the statistics to help improve and optimise your travelling times. The closest to a global public transport checker there is. Set up for over 300 cities worldwide to make sure you can sync up your buses and trains. TRIP JOURNAL TRAVEL POCKET 38 37 - FREE 2 £2-£3 Tracking: your holiday spending Tracking: your holiday Map your journey with GPS tracking and add your favourite places, pictures and videos in one place. End up with a travel journal, documenting your trip! Make sure you don't overspend on your trips abroad by setting a budget and tracking your spend. SUNSCREEN FLIGHTTRACK 40 39 P FREE ? £2-£3 Tracking: your sunscreen use Tracking: your flights Track whether your flight is on time, and even where your friends' and family's flights are in the air - and when they'll This app uses your phone to detect the UVI rating of your current location, then reminds you when to reapply. It's nice to think you might never burn again. arrive at their destination. WORK AND MONEY MINT WIKINVEST FREE FREE Tracking: your investments Tracking: your finances Track your investment portfolio, view relevant news and stats, and glance at the daily change in your portfolio. Grabs data from various financial accounts, then tracks and graphs all your spendings and transactions. GOODBUDGET EXPENSIFY 44 43 FREE FREE Tracking: your work expenses Tracking: your budget Allows you to plan and track your daily, weekly and monthly spend. Setting limits helps you stop overspending. Snap pictures of your receipts and keep them all safe and secure in one place. Set up with your employer to streamline expenses throughout the office. WHO'S OFF RESCUE TIME FREE FREE Tracking: your productivity at work Tracking: your work leave After your company has signed up, track and apply for your holiday days Track the time you spend on different programs or completing various tasks. See where you spend your time, and set remotely. See when colleagues are away and plan ahead, and ensure you never forget about your next day off! up alerts to stop you procrastinating! ENERGY CONSUMPTION ANALYZER CHECK.ME 48 47 FREE FREE Tracking: your bills Tracking: your energy consumption Input your gas, electricity and water readings from time to time to produce graphs and reveal trends in your energy use - and find ways to cut back! Go through the one-time setup and never miss a bill again. Get reminders when bills are due and track your bills against your savings. TROV VOUCHERCLOUD 50 49 FREE FREE Tracking: local deals Tracking: your net worth Track local deals and savings in your Collects the value of everything you own, including savings, tech and household items. You might be worth more than you think! area. Alerts on your phone also let you know if there's a great deal in your area. All the apps featured were selected based on price, accessibility around the world, and cross-compatibility across devices - we Ovouchercloud" Live more. Spend less. tried to find the apps that the most people would benefit from!

50 Apps to Track Everything in your Life

shared by owmyfoothurts on Dec 10
Modern mobile technology is powerful, and apparently, so is our need to track almost everything we do. So, now, there are apps that let you track your sex life, your eating habits, and how well you...


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