The 5 W's of Tablet Users

Tablets have emerged as one of the most popular consumer gadgets. The rapid rate of adoption can be attributed to the winning combination of ease of operation, an engaging user experience, a comfortable yet portable form factor and affordable prices. 19% (Nearly 1 in 5) of adults in the United States now own a tablet (Pew Internet). With all these tablets flooding the market and consumers grabbing them up as quickly as possible, it is worth exploring the who, what, when, where and why of tablet users. TABLETS: The 5 W's WHO WHO OWNS TABLETS? 1 IN 5 NEARLY 50/50 SPLIT 2222222 51.1% 48.6% 1 IN 7 u.s. MOBILE PHONE OWNERS ALSO OWN A TABLET TABLET OWNERS BY GENDER U.S. ADULTS WHAT WHAT KIND OF TABLETS DO THEY OWN? 28% WORLDWIDE 72% kindle fire 54% COMPARED TO OF ALL TABLETS SOLD ARE IPADS 16 12 ALL OTHER ANDROID TABLETS 46% iPad ANDROID TABLET MARKET SHARE TABLET MARKET IPAD OWNERS IN MILLIONS ANDROID TABLETS IN MILLIONS WHEN WHEN DO PEOPLE USE TABLETS? OTHER 42%- 85% TABLETS ARE COMMONLY USED WHILE USERS ARE ENGAGED IN OTHER TASKS 58%- TABLET ONLY OF U.S. TABLET OWNERS USE THEM WHILE WATCHING TV TV TABLET ACTIVITY U.S. TABLET USAGE WHERE WHERE DO PEOPLE USE TABLETS? A-82% DESPITE THEIR PORTABILITY OVER 80% OF TABLET OWNERS USE THEM AT HOME VS. "ON THE GO" -8% 11% PLACES OF TABLET USAGE WHY WHY DO PEOPLE USE TABLETS? 68% 62% MEDIA CONSUMPTION ONLY 17% USE FOR SPECIFIC WORK 54 52 52 51 OF USERS BROWSE THE WEB OF USERS USE TO EMAIL AND INTERACTION IS A MAJOR PART OF TABLET USAGE ONLY 14% USE FOR GENERAL WORK STAPLES OF TABLET CONSUMPTION % OF MEDIA CONSUMPTION WORK USAGE IS MINOR SOURCES INFOGRAPHIC BROUGHT TO YOU BY: accessory GEEKS Tablet_Market diversity_to_add_additional_growth_in_tablet_pc_market.asp ANISMOH EMAIL WORLDWIDE

The 5 W's of Tablet Users

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