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5 Technologies Disrupting Your Business

UNSTOPPABLE DISRUPTION Technology's Taking Your Time Technology won't slow down for the unready. If the next 10 years are anything like the last 10, companies will have to harness the disruptive power of technology to their advantage. 47% of revenues under threat in the next 5 years for the top 25% margin companies MOBILE The World, Connected By 2025, nearly 3 billion more people will have access to the Internet. With more consumers interacting in the global digital economy, the combination of mobile computing devices, high-speed wireless connectivity, and applications is projected to see unprecedented growth. Connectivity Devices Applications 5G network and application programming interfaces (APIS) mean higher-quality cellular technology and significantly faster data speeds. Better processing power means more intuitive interactivity. Innovative capabilities and services will connect the world through the cloud, eliminating the need to download. Mobile Internet's estimated annual economic impact is $10.8 trillion. AUTOMATION The Age of Machines Advances in computational speed, machine learning, and natural user interfaces allow computers to perform a slew of intelligent tasks-from complex analyses to subtle judgments to creative problem-solving. Computers will have the potential to provide more timely access to information, raising the quality and pace of decision-making and, consequently, performance. Automated systems are projected to be able to produce the output of 140 million full-time workers. BIG DATA A World of Information Harnessing big data is no small feat. Once done, however, these massive and dynamic data sets can be used to derive business intelligence. It is currently estimated that at least 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are produced every day. This incomprehensible number of bytes is contained and analyzed to understand the past and help predict the future. Big data is becoming a driving force in the global economy, and with each year or month, we take what we do with big data one step further. THE INTERNET OF THINGS Being Connected A more connected world gives us the power to monitor anything, from the environment to our health. Actuators Sensors Data Communication Technology RFID tags can attach to almost any Rapidly falling prices of microelectromechanical systems object, connecting the physical world with its virtual counterpart. Closed-loop setups will automatically trigger actions based on sensory data. (MEMS) will allow us to put sensors on virtually anything-even people. 4x Within this decade, the number of devices will quintuple, from 50 billion to 1 trillion. CLOUD Up, Up, and Away! By presenting a simpler, faster, and more powerful digital world, cloud technology is allowing for the delivery of apps and services through virtual networks. The cloud will impact IT productivity the most, up to an $85 surplus per user, per month. Cloud technology's annual economic impact will rise to $6.2 trillion. Unstoppable Disruption For years, many a startup has promised to create ripples within an industry with a new, grand idea. The industry term for it ("disruption") is overused and exhausted. But in reality, disruptive technologies aren't going anywhere. Although it seems like they'd put a damper on business, experts' 2025 projections indicate that disruption is shaping our world in new and better ways. Microsoft Source: "Disruptive technologies: Advances that will transform life, business, and the global economy, McKinsey Global Institute, May 2013

5 Technologies Disrupting Your Business

shared by ColumnFive on Feb 10
Find out why companies will have to harness the disruptive power of technology to their advantage in this infographic via Column Five and Microsoft Enterprise.


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